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I did notice when I was there last that the Allen Edmonds store was closing....unfortunately. As for the mall-wide sale, I know the designer stores typically have some sort of additional sale to clear out some of the S/S or F/W stock at the same time. I may just suck it up and call one of the stores to find out!
I am planning on visiting the folks down in Palm Springs, CA in June after finals week and am curious if anyone knows when the Desert Hills Premium Outlet sale for the Spring / Summer typically occurs. Thanks for any info any of you may give me.
Sexy shoes, but unfortunately, I'm a size 13...
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles Sweet Jacket. i may have to if its still around in 1 week. PS Earthdragon is one of the best sellers I've ever dealt with! Quality and follow through. Can't expect much more. Thansk man! I second that notion!
Earthdragon, once again, has done an excellent job in selling me a nice pair of trousers that are (in Borat voice) "very nice"!! This is my second experience purchasing an item from him and once again, he has done an awesome job in answering all of my questions and shipping was FAAAST! A+ gentleman. Thanks earthdragon!
Nevermind, saw that you posted rough measurements on the previous page of the thread...
Hey SoCal, I sent you a PM a few days ago about the Etro scarves... anyhow, if this is easier for you here, can you post the measurements on the scarves? Thanks.
Continuing off of freefinancialadvice's post...after one states that they are only browsing, good sales people typically will still engage you to help you find something. Having worked sales before, it can be slightly frustrating to have helped a potential customer for a large amount of time but not sell a single item to them. In the end, though, I always felt pretty good for spreading my knowledge even if it doesn't lead to the cash register. I have found that...
Earthdragon deserves +1+1+1. Just picked up my order from earthdragon from the post office today, even though it came in yesterday (was not home to sign). He has been awesome to deal with. He answered a plethora of my questions. It has been a wonderful experience buying from him. If possible, I will purchase from him again. Thanks!
I think all of the retailers, including Barneys, have sold off their Fall/Winter 08-09 stock as best as they could. If you want to find "out of season" Etro clothing, I would contact the Etro outlet at the Premium Outlets at Desert Hills in California ( http://www.premiumoutlets.com/outlet...sting.asp?id=6 ). I've bought a few items from them and they have tons of dress shirts. Needless to say, they also told me dress shirts never ever go on sale, but they are $155... ...
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