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Some Nordstroms Racks sell Etro because the local/nearest Nordstrom sells Etro. For example, the South Coast Plaze Rack in Orange County, CA sells Etro (I have purchased an Etro or two there). The Nordstrom there sells a lot of Etro items. This applies to other designers the local Nordstrom carries too.
Quote: Originally Posted by farfisa23 So, style, this is a problem how? Etro stuff is great, it's not the best made stuff in the world, but it looks good, is fun to wear and it always garners compliments. I second that!
This feedback is for PocketCircle. There is already much praise for his services, but I'd like to let everyone know that as usual, his product, shipping, and communication are top notch. He is a Great Seller and I would, without hesitation, buy from him again and/or recommend him to anyone. Thanks again PocketCircle.
Marni just recently opened. It sits next to Etro, across from Salvatore Ferragamo and Bottega Veneta. Loro Piana just opened there too this past year. They reside next to Prada and Tourneau. The Zegna store isn't very good for the same reason mentioned above. If you plan on being there for "Black Friday" or "Day After Thanksgiving", some stores are having a pretty good deal. Check out for the sale info. As for...
I would be interested in 54R (44R) suits in blues or greys, either solid or light pinstriping. Thanks.
I wish they had some blue suits in 42....they were all black or charcoal. Was in there yesterday and picked up a Paul Shark sweater and an Etro shirt. Vito's the man! I hate their sales because it is overtempting to spend money.
From what most people have said, Etro's suits are made by Boglioli, so it is safe to say they also tailor the blazers. Very nice cuts, the Etro blazers and suits have.
I would also like to add that they have a lifetime warranty (under normal use), so if you have any issues, Filson will just replace it. I have had a couple wallets where the threading had come apart (back in 2000 or 2001), and I went into their store (being in Seattle) and showed it to them. No hesitation...replaced on the spot. Good luck with the sale. Very nice piece.
What's the discount on Etro sportcoats?
Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz Casual sport coats are excluded form 40% off. So my hopes of getting Etro SC full retail 2000 for 1200 are shattered. Oh no-o-o cruel Barney's and your Middle Eastern Sheik owners, why do you hate my friedomz? Which Etro sportcoat? They typically go from $1,200 to $1,600. I am sure they have something hot for that price, but I am just curious. BTW, their suits retail for around $2k.
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