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So happy to see the return of the old side-zip training boots this season.
Sorry, nothing new here. Just wondering how to size these Silent sneakers? I typically wear a US 9 and wear size 42 in CP.
Are MMM shoes worth full retail? I've been looking for a clean boot with this exact shape for months now. 940 bones though... there might be a non-baller alternative.
I had the same experience with the jeans, and if you read back a few pages others have said the same. I tried sizing down 2 and the waist was perfect but everything else was too tight.TL;DR Wear a belt.
Will there be a re-stock of smaller sizes of the olive/gray flash hood?
Does anyone have an IRL photo of the Coated Drakes? Are they actually light gray like in the site photos? And do they have a sheen to them at all?
Whoa you weren't kidding about "limited". Black villain hoodie is already gone except for XXL. Guess I'll have to wait until next week. SS14 looking great. I'm loving the direction that you're headed.
Trainers for $120 where? Black/gray is more versatile IMO but white is less common...^ yes/no?
Bah, I didn't know there was a SF discount. Is there a promo code? I searched this thread but didn't see it. ^^ Also, is the Flash Hood cotton or synthetic?
^ You could pre-order Nimbus at Revolve. I guess they're expecting a new shipment soon. Edit: Scratch that, the pre-order was for August 10 shipment so looks like their stock is just about gone too.
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