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Sorry that's a little confusing. We aren't live yet so that sign-in button is just a placeholder. We're just taking email addresses to receive invites when we're ready. Once that happens, we'll initially support Facebook and Google authentication to create an account before building out our own login system.
Take a look at Skim.Me ( We're building an image-based reader as a replacement for iGoogle. You'll be able to import your settings so we automatically set you up. Our mission to help the increasingly connected user build healthier relationships with technology by batching browsing into allocated and timed sessions done from one place that has everything you need. Much like the functional mission of iGoogle but with a productive spin and new design for the...
Thanks guys for the congrats. Yeah, we considered suits but we decided on black tie invited. After researching more and more I'm actually going to give Thick as Thieves another shot for $560. At the end of the day $2K was way too much for me right now after I took into account that I'd have to get the accessories like shoes, cummerbund, and bowtie. Ned was an option but wanted a slimmer euro cut so we'll see how TaT does!
It's been about 3 years since I last did research before buying some suits here in NYC. Ended up changing industries and no longer wear suits so the ones I got from Rafael Raphaelli, Mr. Ned, and Thick as Thieves just collect dust. Now it's time to get married and I'm trying to figure out what to do for my tux. I've searched and read all that I could but am approaching info overload. Basically, I want this look...
A few people I know in NYC have recommended Taji ( to me. Has anyone ever had a suit made by him? If so please let me know your thoughts as well as pricing if you can remember. Thanks
Where can I purchase Vass in the US or online?
Great info, appreciate it.
How is the Whitehall last compared to Connaught? Audley and Hallam are too pointy for me.
Thanks. Audley last doesn't work on me. I'll check out the other rec, thanks
Am looking for something like the Connaught but in dark brown instead of chestnut. Anyone have any alternative suggestions?
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