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The best ties are not necessarily one of the "big names." Do you like how the tie ties and how it looks? Then it is a good tie.
I still say that only on a clothing forum would anyone propose getting all upset over what you will wear for six hours during a wedding. If you can't basicly let the bride do what all her peers get to do, and she's having a problem with it, you will regret what happens. If you will really refuse to get married over your metrosexual fantasy, don't get married at all - to anyone - until you grow up.
Not really. Most people follow the basic rules for interviews. Besides, I'm not saying the interviewer is acting logically or in the best interest of the company. He may not even realize that he is dinging you for the dandy accessories. I would be careful about assuming that an interviewer would know "fit" like clothing message board people know it. He just knows if you are wearing something that is unusual and might wonder why even if he does not ask.
You don't have to examine the clothing to see the dandy stuff that you (if you are an interviewer who is not into fussy dressers) distrust. It's pretty visible and obvious. It invites the question of why you are going over the top.
The person interviewing you probably does not read or post on clothing message boards. Dandy clothing that is not part of the the interviewer's perceived mainstream will make an impression. Whether it is a good or bad impression depends only on the interviewer. There are a lot of male interviewers who don't think positively about people who they think fuss too much about their clothing. These folks won't like the pocket square, etc. In the real world, there are more...
You do almost no thought. You wear a dark suit, black shoes and belt, white shirt and a conservative tie. You don't add dandy accessories like pocket squares and tie clips.
I guess you need to decide which is more important. Impressing Internet Clothing Board people with your accessories or maximizing your chances of connecting with an interviewer on a business level. Many men think that other men who go too much for accessories like tie clips and pocket squares are a bit frivolous and too interested in their own clothing. I'm not going to pretend to know whether it's 10% of the men who think this way or 80%. If your interview is with one...
I can just see the next "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" Cartoon on Disney!
I don't get the sockless thing with a suit either - - especially at someone's wedding unless it's a beach wedding, etc. (Even then, if I went sockless, I doubt I'd do the suit.) (We won't get into blister issues, etc.)
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba I agree with the above but I'll add that this discussion is clothing centric so it really shouldnt say much for performance. There is enough time in the day to consider both to be important. I've worked in manufacturing while in school, most of the shop owners were reasonably well put together, the best being one boss who wore sportcoats/slacks daily and a necktie for meetings. Remember you're running the...
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