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Manton, have you tried standing on a platform to add some depth to your DB squats?
Quote: Originally Posted by jarude One Saturday afternoon, a bunch of scrap 2x4s, couple of 1" steel rods. Not bad for a free rack... Nice! How does it feel benching on bare wood, though?
^ LOL. I was really expecting a big brawl between the Destroyer and Thor, given how the former is (in the comic) more or less indestructible, and just as strong as Thor.
I saw it earlier this evening, and thought it was OK right up until the Destroyer came down. After that it was nothing more than rushed scene after scene of laser beams, explosions, and fighting. Of course, being a comic book fan I was like .
Quote: Originally Posted by NOLA1 Daytime (IWC Small Portuguese) Grail watch . . .
Quote: Originally Posted by jarude A thread about OSAMA BIN LADEN GETTING SHOT IN THE FACE has somehow managed to turn into ivory-tower bumblefuckery. You've done it again, SF. Bravo.
I think I heard someone lighting a firework . . .
Quote: Originally Posted by Pilot Can we travel with big shampoo bottles again? Probably not.
Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK The American military has launched air and artillery strikes that have killed a freaking large number civilians in the middle east. People celebrate when members of the organization responsible for so many civilian deaths are killed. It's not the same thing as what's going on here, but it's not too far off either. The man is dead- acknowledge this and move on. There's no need to toss your humanity out over this....
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire That's it. Obama wins 2012. I saw the headline and immediately thought this. I LOL'd.
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