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The Destroyer is a big draw for me. I don't get why they would be showing the Infinity Gauntlet though. It should never be assembled in the first place (you can crush nearly any being in existence with it), and carries a huge story line with it. I guess they might be setting up for an Infinity Wars movie later . . .
Great stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 My 1960s Timex on a shell cordovan strap. Nice. How did you restore it?
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas I wouldn't worry about it, Seattle has a much larger gun aimed at her than we do. I move there at the end of June.
The magnitude of the Japanese quake has left me wondering if the whole Ring of Fire isn't going to start lighting up soon.
Not even a half hour ago I felt these two little tremors. I thought it was someone from downstairs slamming things, until the guy at the back of the house said he felt them too. A roommate just got home, saying his whole classroom shook.
Thanks for the videos, Pocketsquare. I really didn't know who this man was until this thread. Indeed, grand master-level marketing going on there. The yellow leather jacket is . . . interesting.
I accidentally read (the whole thing) Ender's Shadow before Ender's Game. I liked both, but thought Shadow was the more interesting of the two as it was more concerned with the intellectual nature of how the kids live before being sent to training as well as during their training. Shadow seems to provide more of a behind-the-scenes look at things.
Quote: Originally Posted by mmkn You really want to see bespoke overload? How about this guy and his bespoke scrubs [second iteration] . . . [[SPOILER]] Yes there was fabric selection [100% cotton in midnight, no less]. Yes there is a pattern. Yes there are fittings. Yes there are specifications for pocket detailings . . . Talk about overkill.- M Bespoke scrubs? For real? Did the first iteration get too much blood on them?
I first got started on fountain pens when an older classmate sold me one of German make for about $8. Since then I've collected about five. The ones which have gotten the most use are a Chinese Hero brand pen given to me by my mother (it had sat in a drawer for years) and a Parker 51 I found in a cabinet drawer belonging to my grandmother. The latter pen has my great-grandfather's name etched into it, and as proven to be immensely durable over the years. I...
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