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This book is going on the shelf next to Calvin & Hobbes.
22nd is fine with me.
I'm just getting back into town on the 12th.
RIP I just can't dig it. Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches that stache of yours will keep you alive, it sucks out the ill effects of the roids Yeah, but Macho had a full beard . . .
Those look like little skeleton fingers on the front of the mask . . . I know Hardy was pretty big in Bronson, but did he bulk even more for this role?
Future Suprme Court Justices are going to have a lot garbage to clean up.
It rained here today. Coincidence?
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I have a friend that is black but adopted at two by white parents in San Diego. When he went to undergrad he went to a historically black college. I met him in grad school and we became close friends. He shared with me how he felt like he had very little in common with the folks at his undergrad. He had very mixed feelings on race and culture and was somewhat conflicted. Very good guy and we keep in touch years...
Quote: Originally Posted by lbcgav A friend of mine used to say Nietsche is not a philosopher but a poet. He often wrote in metaphor, particularly in Zarathustra. Most philosophers write so badly, the one's who write well are poets in comparison. After reading more Nietzsche as well as some of Junger and Schmitt I'm interested in going back to Strauss and seeing what I can get out of it.
http://www.indecisionforever.com/201...-in-d-c-today/ He appears to be giving away some of his intentions in the videos. If the PAC gets approved, I expect interesting results.
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