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^ LOL. I was really expecting a big brawl between the Destroyer and Thor, given how the former is (in the comic) more or less indestructible, and just as strong as Thor.
I saw it earlier this evening, and thought it was OK right up until the Destroyer came down. After that it was nothing more than rushed scene after scene of laser beams, explosions, and fighting. Of course, being a comic book fan I was like .
Quote: Originally Posted by NOLA1 Daytime (IWC Small Portuguese) Grail watch . . .
IMO the comparison is lopsided. I have to go with Pockesquare just because the pics of Reevolving are shitty.
The director isn't "on strike," he just gave up in the face of tough reviews. Although, now that the film seems to be reaching the level of self-parody, I might just go see it . . . I suppose some will consider DC "anti-American" now . . .
Looks bad. . . . makes me wish for Onslaught.
Did the dialogue seem repetitive or preachy?
Quote: Originally Posted by gazman70k I was in Florence two weeks ago and decided to look up a bespoke cobbler. Just spectacular. Thanks for reading. Gaz Those shoes look like they could be carved from wood! I'm curious how one would wear and polish them . . . Thanks, gaz.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire What would really make this move perfect for me is if it draws protesters or boycotts. It would be like the world's most overdone troll post . . . I can't help but wonder what they will do with Galt's speech. EDIT: "If Ayn Rand were alive today, would she be a member of the Tea Party?"
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