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Quote: Originally Posted by mulansauce http://www.deerstags.com/ Wait a few seconds and a surprise will appear in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Make sure your volume is turned up.
My God . . . It's full of FAIL . . . Yup, definitely for "da pimpz" demographic. Wiggers and douchebags too.
Paul Smith
Quote: Originally Posted by SeriousBusiness Pardon my interruption, I actually have nothing to contribute to the discussion. I just wanted to comment that I'm surprised that pocket squares are so divisive. I'm still in University, so rarely wear suits. But I've been looking at getting a really nice one for when I graduate next year. I just assumed I'd buy a pocket square to complete the look. Now...I just don't know what to think...
Sadly, I shall be out of the country. As an aside, that Bourbon and Branch website is one of the most beautiful I've seen in a long time.
On occasion I will smoke, but with friends. It's like alcohol, meaning that you should know your limits and get a ride from a sober person if the need arises. The current prohibition is bullshit, by the way
I use cream, particularly if there are scuffs that need taking care of, then wax on the toe.
A gentleman will both drive and wear what he believes suits him. Being chased by ill-tempered balloons is optional.
While some of the light blues you posted at the beginning are not to my liking, the browns and darker blues look very nice. The purple boots are striking! Well done!
Merry Christmas.
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