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Thank you for going into detail on this.I'm somewhat confused about his relation to the Frankfurt school, though.
Such wasted talent. I figured she'd be done, in one way or another, before 30. Sad.
Portable: little Yamaha somethings I picked up for 30 bucks Portable and Home: Sennheiser HD280 Pros (nearly 10 years old!) Home: Grado SR 225
Thank you all. I had a great time, and am sorry to be leaving the city (sort of). San Francisco is the first large city I have ever lived in, and the meetups and get-togethers I've had through the forum have made living here a very enjoyable experience. I've been places and met people - especially the people! - I never would have encountered under any other circumstances, and I am very grateful for the privilege. I will let folks know the next time I'm in town.
If the above is the actual mask they are going to use, then it's terrible. The character's actual mask is basically just cloth.
I had a vague idea, but no. It wasn't too surprising.
That stuff is amazing.Sipping on some Anchor Porter right now.
Finished The Crying Game last night. Good, but not spectacular.
That captoe is damn sexy. Good work!
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton The worst thing about SF, after the Communists, is the terrible public transportation, requiring you to take a car everywhere, which is also a nightmare because the traffic sucks and you can't park anywhere. This is a huge, huge problem. Life in NY is much easier in that respect. Still, I'd rather be there than here. Public transport in SF is bad by NY standards, but by American standards in general it...
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