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Just finished The Doors of Perception.
I showed some friends Bronson last night, and we followed it up with Commando.
I think you need to do more to explain the first bolded point. You seem to be conflating having a particular credential and being an intellectual. What anti-intellectualism there is in American society - and there is a lot - has much to do with the overall culture and institutional framework within which people live and not whether someone has a cool piece of paper on their wall. What is the difference - other than age and debt - between a barista who actively reads and...
There's a good article in the NYT regarding on how the MA is the new BA: Link
I read some of these articles a while ago, and they crushed me. If I attend a PhD school, it will either be after I become wealthy, or insanely desperate. From what I've been reading, the bullshit economics of grad school cover law school as well (which crushes me yet again). I suppose I'll have to stop at my MA for now (if I even manage to finish that!)
Anyone else dig the New Belgium Abbey ale? Good stuff.
Wait, which one? http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/congress/424
Sadly, not all freedoms are gauged by how one group interprets the U.S. Constitution. Do you have a less overtly political source?
Is it completely beyond reason and logic to suggest there is a sweet spot regarding taxation, where the people and economy as a whole receive a benefit? Go too high or too low, and the economy is damaged.Speaking generally, taxes build civilization. Taxes in the US are at their lowest ever, and I believe we are suffering for it, while we prospered when they were comparatively high. No, not everything hinges on taxation or "spending," but it's a major component.The...
Oversimplify much?
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