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OR is one my top favs, but what is Nitro Tap?
Just now watching Sexy Beast.
Sounds good.
Sorry to cross-post like this, but given how the other thread has yet to generate traction I thought I would post here as well. I'm just curious what dates people are open to. I've only been in town for just over two months now, and one of the few places I know is Cuoco (new Tom Douglas restaurant). I'm familiar with the Triple Door downtown too. Open to suggestions.
My footwear of choice would be construction boots, because they were "utilitarian" and "all I needed." Same with my choice of trousers. Dressing well ( and not in the SF sense) was not even on the radar. I also had a lot of weight/self-image issues back then, trying to fit into things which were too really too tight.
Bringing what's become a San Francisco tradition up north. I'm curious what dates people are open to this month. I'm thinking of Cuoco as the meeting place, but I'm open to suggestions.
Just finishing up The Great Shark Hunt by Hunter S. Thompson. Lots of craziness with some seriously insightful gems.
Tight. What made you go for the RS 1's over Grado's 1000 series headphones?
Given the race to the bottom, I do what I can to buy USA. The exodus and/or slow decay of certain types of knowledge from this country bothers me.
Thanks for the info, Rambo. Just found the most amazing beer collected in one store I have ever seen, Big Star Beer Market in Seattle! Just picked up an Elysian Dragontooth Stout - very strong - and an Elysian "The Men's Room."
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