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Thanks both Epaulet and abitofcolor for the pics.
So bummed I missed it. everyone looks amazing. so glad it turned out so well. Count me in for the next one!
What are you guys doing in warming up for your pullups?Also, I found this article on T-Nation regarding the author doing 13,064 pullups in 5 months. I'm curious what people think of the author's statements on using rings in pullups:If I can get them, I'll give rings a try. My right elbow is having issues, especially when I lift something with a reverse grip.Would pullups from rings be counted?
Ah. Thank you.
1512 + 7 (I know . . . ) = 1519 I'm confused as to the difference between chin-ups and pull-ups. My understanding is that they are the same thing.
Given the fact that I'm both saving for an engagement ring and have opera tickets - yes, really - I won't be able to make this one. That being said, I await news of fights and bus-shelter sex . . .
This. Big time. It would be a joy to see the San Francisco crew one more time.
i'm confused why you crossed out London. . . would Vienna be of any interest to you?
Rambo, Denmark would be a good starting point if you wanted to be outside the Anglosphere but not completely lost on how to communicate with people. Most Danes speak excellent English. You would also be starting off in a different, albeit well-developed, country.However you start, I wish you good luck on your travels.
That's a great looking shoe. You did a good job!
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