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I like how a dude who owns Rick Owens trainers calls out another dude for spending too much.
kiya can you spill any deetz on what 3sixteen+ will be like?
MMM with cum stains?
best bet is to throw 'em away
Whats the best way to repair when the rubber part of the heel wears down?
APC puffer jacket, on sale for next winter concept
I had a pair of Nudies that smelled like sulpher and I just kept wearing them. The smell went away after two or three weeks.
Quote: Originally Posted by the_pole keep it that way ...ur over 6 feet and slim jeans make you look even taller ...not in a good way don't listen to this guy.
in before jet claims he has a hookup
Ha, I used to live in the Melwood above the Blockbuster. I've used all three dry cleaners near that corner. Cant remember any names, but maybe this helps: I've had positive experiences with the two that are located on the same side of the street as Fleet Feet. I favor the one that comes second, if you are walking down Columbia, coming from Biltmore. The one across the street from those two is crappy. I would take shirts there (they get the stains out) but...
New Posts  All Forums: