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Eh, maybe it's just up to preference then. I had to send a TTS pair back a few months ago because I had crazy heel slippage.
you suck robert
Are the Ervell pants denim-like? Slim fit or straight fit? Thanks.
Mayweather is such a clown. This Mosley fight should have happened five years ago.
Just got my UPS tracking number. Not bad. Order placed: 2-March-2010 Scheduled Delivery: 27-April-2010
Franks Chop Shop is an awesome barber shop and you can get an old school shave. Really good prices too.
Quote: Originally Posted by nurium Velour (swedish brand) has a good selection of slim chinos: Measurements: size waist leg rise thigh knee hem 28" 28.0" 31.5" 10.5" 9.0" 8.0" 6.5" 30" 30.0" 31.5" 11.0" 9.0" 8.0" 6.5" 32" 32.0" 32.0" 11.0" 9.5" 8.5" 7.0" 34" 34.0" 33.0" 11.0" 9.5" 8.5" 8.0" These look good. I'd buy, but...
hanes socks
just a heads up i think the maliseet oxfords run a at least 1/2 size big.
That NYT author, Jon Caramanica, is awesome. Dude wrote some amazing stuff for Spin and bunch of others magazines a while back, including a sick feature on DJ Screw.
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