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I bought a pair of Winos, and upon the first wear my knees were burning so bad, I had to toss them. The insoles are cardboard. Sucks because they look so clean.
supposed to drop this fall. not sure if it's only in europe though....i dig em.
can you put hands in the pockets of a 5 zip? trying to imagine how functional it is from the picture.
need supply caries a washed Grim Tim that's pretty nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 back peddling hahaha. So I knew Kurt Cobain because I bought "In Utero"
Quote: Originally Posted by Biscotti Such a luxurious lifestyle.... Classic beyotch behavior, firing the first shot and then throwing a tantrum when someone responds.
Sure Waist: 16 Inseam: 33.25 front rise: 10 back rise: 14 thigh: ~11.5 Leg opening: ~8 I'd say medium weight.
sold sold sold Proxied from London, here's the direct link ( New with tags. Selling because I'm looking for a lighter color. Looking for what I paid, $50.00 Free shipping within the US.
terrible idea. watch out, because the girl could think you are a pussy if this is something you care about... when you ask this question, you are projecting neediness and insecurity, which is not attractive for the ladies.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bill Smith Anyone sell Quoddy's in Canada? gravity pope, but their prices and return policy are ridic.
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