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supposed to drop this fall. not sure if it's only in europe though....i dig em.
can you put hands in the pockets of a 5 zip? trying to imagine how functional it is from the picture.
need supply caries a washed Grim Tim that's pretty nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 back peddling hahaha. So I knew Kurt Cobain because I bought "In Utero"
Quote: Originally Posted by Biscotti Such a luxurious lifestyle.... Classic beyotch behavior, firing the first shot and then throwing a tantrum when someone responds.
Sure Waist: 16 Inseam: 33.25 front rise: 10 back rise: 14 thigh: ~11.5 Leg opening: ~8 I'd say medium weight.
sold sold sold Proxied from London, here's the direct link (http://www.uniqlo.co.uk/catalogue/me...front-trousers) New with tags. Selling because I'm looking for a lighter color. Looking for what I paid, $50.00 Free shipping within the US.
terrible idea. watch out, because the girl could think you are a pussy if this is something you care about... when you ask this question, you are projecting neediness and insecurity, which is not attractive for the ladies.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bill Smith Anyone sell Quoddy's in Canada? gravity pope, but their prices and return policy are ridic.
Eh, maybe it's just up to preference then. I had to send a TTS pair back a few months ago because I had crazy heel slippage.
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