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Quote: Originally Posted by capa I am pretty set on those but I can't find them anywhere. I don't really want to wait 3 months to get them from quoddy :/ you could try blackbird or gravity pope (i think gp has a bad return policy though)
SALE PENDING Purchased last winter, wore for about 5 minutes in my apartment, sat in my closet and never made it outside, as I have too many black coats. This is a size SMALL. New with tags. Asking $190, free shipping within the US. Very nice coat. Warm but not too heavy, with a removable hood. Will upload additional pics later today, but in the mean time here are some stock pics.
dudes complaining about customer service: why dont you just call them? you get an immediate answer over the phone rather than waiting for someone to respond to an email.
Quote: Originally Posted by bows1 Why do you have more respect for paying retail? I think the forum gets too shitted up with dudes complaining about prices, waiting for sales, asking for discount codes, etc. And you have small stores dying because people refuse to pay retail. If there's an item that I really want, I'll buy that shit immediately.
i have more respect for dudes who brag about paying full retail, over dudes who brag about their inside hookups/discounts
how about "TBD"
I wish CP would stop dicking around and finally make the 5-hole Vans in all-black.
RFX what are your go-to sneakers for bad weather?
Thinking about ordering these online. I've never tried on a pair of MMMs... does the inside leather lining feel nice?
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