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Quote: Originally Posted by jet If you were a quoddy owner for years you'd know that they changed their sizing to run true in the past year and a half or so. this is false. i asked them about this the last time i called...
Also let's keep this thread free of customer service complaints.
I have a pair of Mailseet oxfords in size 9. Outsole length: 11.5 Outsole widest: 3.9 Cannot measure the insoles because they are glued in. For what it's worth, I'm a true 10. I had to size down one full size to prevent heel slippage, but others with Maliseet oxfords on this forum claim they run true, so, I dunno...
how can i transfer store credit if they don't have a working phone? edit: i'll try email. update: email bounced back.
goddamnit. i have store credit and their phone number is not in service. (i don't live in new york)
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix i remember that dude, spoilt little brat thinking he was some type of hustler. Didn't Drew call his dad or something? i think they got it all cleared up...people just hate on him because he's young and has $$$.
fresh coat yo
Quote: Originally Posted by Bingo! Any idea if there is going to be any sort of online deals upcoming? Would really like to pull the trigger on a pair in the next month. wait for a 30% off special, and then use bing cashback.
Pacman Jones wearing RRL right before he gets arrested...
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