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^ this dude is hilarious. please keep posting.
i haven't received my boots yet, but just to prepare in case they don't fit...anyone know what the return policy is like?
The Meatball Shop on stanton
warriors of radness
hey there...what pants is this guy wearing? thanks.
Just ordered the nubucks, sized down one. Amazing customer service. With the topy and shipping came to 319 canadian or 331 us. Thanks to whoever posted the sale info originally.
can anyone speak to the comfort of this boot? i really think i might pull the trigger and call dayton tomorrow, but are these things gonna kill my feet? thanks dogz
can I get away with buying the same size for margiela low gats as my CP Achilles (which is sized down one)?
purchased a pair of their brogues when i was in London, not good quality at all.
can someone confirm via the stamp on the inside of their shoes that the UK size is one half smaller than the US? about to make an international order and want to make sure I get the right size.
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