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emailed Suddenlee this morning to buy a bunch of oxfords and had a tracking number by noon
Anyone know much about McCombs reputation with real estate finance concentration? Or any other Texas schools? I'm interested in community development financing, and I currently work in the non-profit sector (affordable housing manager/developer with experience with financing tools like low-income housing tax credit, new market tax credit, and historic rehab tax credit). I recognize that most people who go to b-school wont have an interest in affordable housing, but I'm...
Feeling mad discouraged bros. I've only been doing a real routine since December and in that time gone from struggling with squatting the empty bar to squatting 135 no problem. But I try to add 5 pounds a workout and complete 5 sets, and hit failure on the second set of 145, and feel like a sack of turds. Squatting such a light weight makes me feel like a bitch. I wont be satisfied until I hit at least body-weight, and then 1.5 times body-weight. Also, I'm on a cutting...
anyone ever feel like taking a sick day the day after a heavy squat workout? i pushed it really hard in the gym and stayed in bed the entire next day. CSN was in shock...felt like a little bitch but oh well.
willie's shoe service in los angeles can do this...you can mail your shoes in. no idea on SF though...
trying to find the black (+J)Premium Down Light Parka+ in a US medium...any leads?
Spoiler alert, only read if you are caught up in the current season::
sold sold sold
anyone have the number to the new granville island store?
I purchased these size XS Uniqlo Oxfords from the New York store about a year and a half ago. This was before they changed the Oxford fabric to a cheaper material. These Oxfords have a soft hand, and feel much nicer than the latest oxfords from Uniqlo, which feel kinda sandpaper-y. I would guess that each one has been worn maybe once, they have been sitting in my closet for a while now. No stains, excellent condition. Price includes shipping in the US. I have 2 in...
New Posts  All Forums: