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dumb question for the thread but please humor me would people say the achilles is MORE narrow than vans authentic? trying to figure out if i need to go up a size on an online order.
wow i havent checked on this thread in a year or two...this is depressing.
Currently experiencing some hip flexor pain that results in lower back and ribcage pain as well. I think I brought this on from squatting without stretching properly, as well as sitting at a desk all damn day. Anyone here overcome something like this? Can't lift at all with this injury.
erg guys, I'm starting to use the Concept 2 at my gym more and more to increase my general level of fitness. As someone without any form of training, who plans to use this machine daily, do I need to get some form of professional instruction? I sense the goal is that each stroke should look a total noob I doubt that's the case for me.
dumb question but does uniqlo still sell white basic undershirts in v-neck for $4.90 ? didnt see any when I was in japan, but want to proxy from new york store.
Selling a blue overdye in size Medium. Not sure if this is seafoam blue or what the specific term is....not a dark royal blue, but not a light blue either. Purchased a few years ago at Odin, wore it three times and then I started lifting and gettin big, then it sat in my closet. Very slim fit. Excellent condition. Any questions, just ask. Free shipping in the US.
how many preorders would it take to make a small zip wallet happen one last time?
I really hope these are brought back for a last call. I have a TOJ small zip wallet and I love it, but I fell down a hill hiking and the leather got all torn up.I'd buy 3 of the same wallet just to hoard, that's how much I love this wallet.
Awesome video, I train at this gym sometimes...Supreme Sports in Rockville, Md.
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