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What y'all think of Tom ford tobacco vanille?
I can afford it, I just worry if I spend more than they do it'll be awkward for them or something... Or seem try-hard
Tom ford perfume that I know is liked is 220... Too much?
So after 3 months im smitten, I want to spoil this person but im worried about it being awkward if i spend too much.. Do i restrain myself and keep it to couple small things? Books, records etc Or spend a few hundred on expensive perfume and things? Having a hard time with this one, cause i dont wanna F up
Anyone know where can i get deal on APC New Petit Standards?
Does Jcrew generally have good black friday sales, or should i just cop now at 25% off
Anyone down to proxy a apolos chore jacket for me in large?
Those earls look good on you, for some reason i cant get them to look right on me - they just look huge and boxy
Ya or no? Cant decide if its strange.. Ive been watching twin peaks again and feel the need for a cool knit
Post overalls Royal Traveler vest , Olive poplin in XL -I normally wear a large and like this fit. Just not wearing vests lately, i bought for 350 from superdenim - letting go cheap. Worn once asking $70 Would trade for a M cpo pit to pit is approx 23.5
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