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Anyone know where can i get deal on APC New Petit Standards?
Does Jcrew generally have good black friday sales, or should i just cop now at 25% off
Anyone down to proxy a apolos chore jacket for me in large?
Those earls look good on you, for some reason i cant get them to look right on me - they just look huge and boxy
Ya or no? Cant decide if its strange.. Ive been watching twin peaks again and feel the need for a cool knit
Post overalls Royal Traveler vest , Olive poplin in XL -I normally wear a large and like this fit. Just not wearing vests lately, i bought for 350 from superdenim - letting go cheap. Worn once asking $70 Would trade for a M cpo pit to pit is approx 23.5
http://www.redwingheritage.com/INTERSHOP/static/WFS/RWSC-Heritage-Site/-/RWSC/en_US/RH-09042-1-pdp.jpg Redwing oxfor in the cigar color Size 10, only worn a few times. Selling cheap 120 shipped.
Picked up some Buck Mason denim, size 30's but the waist measures 34... annoying
Bought Silver Mountain Water today, so wearing that. Doesnt seem to last very long on me though
Mugler Cologne today, Anyone done a side by side with Creeds Vetiver?
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