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pants might be too saturated if your going for a storefront mannequin look , i think e.g. fits looks good with slightly different/off pairings.. otherwise you might as well wear banana republic fits (not that theres anything wrong with that) /stupid rant
Man i want an olive liner jacket, why does it have to be so expensive..
Is need supply still doing 50 off of 200? what is the code?
Uniqlo website is horrible, what is the difference between vintage regular fit chino, and vintage chino? They have duplicates of what looks like the same pant, but one of them is sold out
Hmm might pass then, the solid navy one looks kinds nice from the pic
How do the flannel shirts fit compared to the oxford shirts?
Like new, For reference I normally wear a Large but prefer the xl in the SS dayton shirts. 170 shipped
Selling a chambray dayton shirt jacket in xl, like new for reference I normally wear a L but prefer the fit of the xl in this one. 170 shipped in the US
EG Dayton shirt, in rare seersucker. I normally wear a large but like the fit of the xl. Worn maybe twice. $130 shipped
Just looking at these pics is making me sweat - everything looks way to warm for LA any time of the year
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