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Clearing out my closet since there are far too many shoes I don't wear in there. Few pairs of fantastic shoes for sale, have only been tried on indoors as can be seen from the photos of the soles. GG 'Arran' 7.5E in black calf on DG70 last - 650 AUD Carmina brown calf/suede spectators 7UK on Forest last - 250 AUD Carmina single monks 7UK in tan leather on Rain last - 250 AUD SOLD! Paypal only. All prices include shipping within Australia, please add 30AUD per pair...
Hey Oli, I've got a shipito account with postal addresses in Oregon and California. What do you need?
I can highly recommend Notch, he certainly ships to Australia!
Height - 165cm 5'5" Weight - 66kg 146lbs Muscular frame Suit 38S Shirt 15 /32 Pants 28/30
Yep Australia is duty-free for purchases below 1000AUD, about 850USD these days. Aussie dollar's been taking a beating!
PM sent for size 8 Cordovan Lindricks.
Not too sure about your exact build, but I'm 167cm and 65kg, and KW polos in medium are pretty darn snug on me!
Hey guys, Did anybody grab a pair of the tuxedo pants in the BB0? I'm happy to pay 150USD + shipping costs to Australia.
Anybody willing to proxy? I'm looking for an overcoat or two in 36R/S.
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