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Hey Oli, I've got a shipito account with postal addresses in Oregon and California. What do you need?
I can highly recommend Notch, he certainly ships to Australia!
Height - 165cm 5'5" Weight - 66kg 146lbs Muscular frame Suit 38S Shirt 15 /32 Pants 28/30
Yep Australia is duty-free for purchases below 1000AUD, about 850USD these days. Aussie dollar's been taking a beating!
PM sent for size 8 Cordovan Lindricks.
Not too sure about your exact build, but I'm 167cm and 65kg, and KW polos in medium are pretty darn snug on me!
Hey guys, Did anybody grab a pair of the tuxedo pants in the BB0? I'm happy to pay 150USD + shipping costs to Australia.
Anybody willing to proxy? I'm looking for an overcoat or two in 36R/S.
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