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Jesus - I love how you can't see how the use of 'memes and cliches' is most applicable to you.You and your lot can have this thread - continue to ohh and ahh over green shoes, Mary Poppin hats and the like.
Thinking of getting a hopsack odd jacket in an unusual (to me) wool / cotton blend. Should I have any concerns as to the performance and longevity of this cloth relative to an all-wool hopsack? Thanks, Panzer
Wow - I guess ETs post #111 was quite prescient. Post some more graphics to show how cool you are.
Stitch - Pitti Uomo is a trade show - its not a fashion show where experimental or avant-garde styles are shown. I'm so confused by the forum these days - so, if we see pics of people wearing silly outfits (at a CBD-friendly location or not), we shouldn't comment upon it? And if we do, we're old-farts who just don't "get it"?
Yes, definitely don't solicit comments or suggestions from more experienced members. That is not what this forum is about.
Thanks, B.
Also, what do you think about keeping the one-piece lapel from the Cifo, but using these patch pockets? For all the haters out there, here is a DB Harris from Cifonelli. Some of their designs are more miss than hit, but I admire their wilingness to move beyond DB pinstripes and SB blazers:
Chris - thanks for your thoughts. Do you think a pocket like the Cifo coat will not be a bit bulky at the breast (particularly with a 19oz. cloth)?
This +10
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