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These look great. What are your measurements? Any chance you could post a fit pic of one of the Brooklyn Tailors pieces to get an idea of their fit?
If only I had a horse to whip...
Any chance of a fit picture? What are your measurements?
Looks nice. Any chance of seeing a fit picture? Is it aggressively slim fitting?
I will take it if still available. Send me Paypal info.
I have these, and as stated above, they're fantastic. I just replaced the soles on mine, and they look brand new. The leather holds up to anything and polishes right up.
Beautiful. Wish I could afford it.
Any chance to see a fit picture? Curious to see the fit to see how it looks.
Re the Jill Sander suit. What's your height/weight? Is there any room to let out in the waist?
Fuck. These are sexy. I wish I needed to wear glasses. Actually, are there just clear lenses in now?
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