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How about Gubi Beetle Lounge chair? It's quite versatile with all the fabrics and leg finishes.
Lovely wool blazer with hidden buttons and frayed detail at lapels. The condition is new without tags with the back vent and pockets sewn shut. Size is 46. Fits from true to a slightly large. Measurements: s2s: 43 cm p2p: 48 cm sleeve length: 66 cm length: 77 cm Distinctively Lanvin, with top notch materials and elegant design. Price includes shipping.
Black shoe cream + polish:
But your 19cm's are made in Italy, right? They are slimmer in the thigh than made in Japan 19cm's.
Come on, it was a 40% off code on top of 40% markdowns with limited selection of brands.
Well, they go through an intense durability testing, have long warranties and you can return the mattress after 90 days of use if it isn't to your liking. I've also found their quality/price -ratio far higher than Hästens and such. I don't have experience on Dunlopillos though.
You're probably right, but can you buy/try those in the U.S.?
IKEA is worth checking out.
Bored of current Margiela offerings? Here's a NWT reverse knitted melange Margiela sweater from FW07. Featured in the epicurean knit thread. Composition is medium weight 87% wool, 13% nylon. Measurements: s2s: 17" p2p: 19" Sleeve: 25.5" Length: 26" Price includes shipping and paypal. Thanks. Alter the "001" in the URL.
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