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Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Dude it had to be a Fauxhiba. What cigar store is going to sell a ISOM Cohiba to a guy who they don't know and who doesn't know anything about cigars? Are you fucking kidding me? Like cigar stores make no money off of Cohiba's.
I actually really enjored the Cohiba. It had a gold/black/white label
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu Im assuming the cohibas are red dot, they usually suck, I wouldnt smoke them. It matters what vitola (size) cigar you got to come up with a price. Well, the Cohibas were Torpedo, and the Opus X were smaller, maybe Robusto.
I recently went to a local tobacco shop to buy a few good cigars. I bought the following cigars: 2 Cohibas, 2 Arturo Fuente Opus X, and 2 Excalibur. I think I got a good deal for the cigars. How much do they usually go for? (Mixed results online)
Most likely is the NO-Shotgun I'm also taking...
Sometimes it helps me sleep, but there are times I'm just too pumped to sleep within 4-5 hours.. Has anyone else experienced a problem sleeping after working out? Anything you recommend taking?
Quote: Originally Posted by cchen I've used m1t in the past and it's sick. Wish I could get more of it Tried it... Strength gains are amazing, but the side effects were just too much. Not worth it...
Nice one...
the one at www.best-sleepaid.com is 99.5% pure melatonin with other Chinese herbs in the mix....
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff i m sure it is nothing ,but these things may be a symptom to something else like a brain tumor. but im sure it isnt. just something to think about if it persists. hope you get better No way. I've had two CT Scans this year including one a few days ago... Everything seems fine, just typical ear inflammation... I'm still dizzy today so I'm thinking of going to the doctor tomorrow.
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