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Whats the best price you've found for an Opus X robusto?
I had this same problem until a couple of weeks ago... Tried a sublingual version of Melatonin + some other Chinese herbs called Sleep Once Again. Got a free 30-day trial at www.Best-SleepAid.com Great thing about it is that it works right away instead of having to wait 30-45 min to digest.
elitefitness.com / bb.com
I don't really notice the "energy" from the chlorella or spirulina..
93 WPM, 1 mistake
Quote: Originally Posted by BP348 You can have a major for your AA but the most important thing, since you are attending a community college, is to make sure all the classes transfer to whatever University you plan on attending. The other thing I ran into with my AA was that when I transfered to my University I didn't take enough (took everything required) credits at the University to qualify to graduate with honors. I checked and I couldn't find a...
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Are you at a community college? Yes, I am...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim I am currently somewhat infatuated with the early to mid 90's Suzuki Katana 750. That's the recent model, not the 90's model.
I initially signed up for an AA in Business, and was just recently told that I'm listed as an AA in Liberal Arts...Whoever signed me up, obviously messed up. I've taken 6 Business courses that are required for the AA in Business. There are 3 remaining. Here's the issue: I have plans to graduate this fall, regardless. If I decide to get the AA-BUS, I have to take 3 additional courses on top of the 3 courses I'm taking this Fall. If I decide to stay with the AA-LA, I only...
Quote: Originally Posted by Newo Try sticking to a concrete schedule (or as close as you can get it). Yea that definitely helps. It's been about a week since I've been on the 30-day free trial from www.Best-SleepAid.com and it's definitely helped me get back to sleep. I highly recommend it.
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