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Have you tried this sleep aid? Tried that when all the others failed to work. 100% Natural too..
Back up for sale -> Open to offers.
Quote: Originally Posted by moosy I have tried most of the sleep meds. Ambien -- knocks me out but doesn't keep me asleep too long and I have some of the side effecets (I forget what I did when I wake up), so I don't take it on a plane anymore. Lunesta -- I find it to be great, but leaves me groggy in the morning, so I don't use it. Ambien CR -- Somehow, feels better than the Ambien. Doesn't knock me out immediately but makes me stay asleep longer, no...
what size are the gucci loafers?
Open to offers!
Try Sleep Once Again... it's a sublingual strip that works very well. There's currently a trial at Also here's an article on it: hope that helps
Quote: Originally Posted by VKK3450 Company? Is this a commercial / wholesale / etc transaction? Anyways, isnt COD Cash on Demand, not Check on Demand? K COD is cash on delivery.
Has anyone shipped items using COD? The company is offering to pay with check once the merchandise is received, but I just don't feel comfortable giving them all the leverage. It seems that a lot of legit people work this way though.
Selling a Rolex DayDate President Platinum with all paperwork. It was purchased brand new in 2006, only 1 owner! Retails for $45,000. Asking $34,000. I will answer questions via PM only.
Yes, I purchased new. The unit is only a few months old.
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