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Could really use that 10% off they have for American Airlines... I got mine, but forgot to write it down. (They only give it out once, which is stupid.) Thanks :-P
I'll take it if it's still available!
Anyone going? Anyone ever been to one? What should I be prepared for? :-P
what shoes are you wearing in the fit pic? real nice
damn man, you need to resize these images
That's basically the value of your car. I recommend finding a local independent mechanic or figuring out how to do this yourself. Check this guide out: Invest some time and save $3k Coming from someone in the auto business.
Is it worth it? What do you typically use it for?
what color is that cardigan?
Seriously? No one cares? lol
Anyone else think we should get iTrader ratings on StyleForum? Makes it so much easier to buy and sell things on here. It's pretty easy to implement too, just an upgrade or add-on to the current forum.
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