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still available?
Wow, I totally forgot about this site and just checked PMs with a few offers. The jacket is still in same condition as when listed!! It's been in storage all these years.
What are things that you do that help you stay productive? I'd like to share what has recently helped me get back on track. It's writing down 3 things I have to do the next day with 1 end goal in mind. If I can do this for a few weeks, I typically get shit done. Also, I ran into this infographic that pretty much is similar to what I've been doing: It's from this company called hitask which deals with to do list apps. Very well done, IMO. So, what things help you get shit...
Bought these in SoHo NYC a while back and was never able to use them due to their slim fit size. They are basically brand new, I just removed the tag because I thought I would lose the weight one day and fit in, but that didn't happen. Style is S001 They really are new, never used or washed.
For sale is a NWOT very rare BBC Ice Cream Jacket that retailed for around $750.00 if I'm not mistaken. I even have the original BBC bag it came in! Was never able to use it bc it runs smaller than I expected. It is a size Medium, and is a slim fit. This jacket is amazing and I wish I could use it this fall, but I guess my loss is your gain! If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to PM me.
Up for sale is a very rare, New Without Tag, Authentic, Billionaire Boys Club Jacket. It is a medium which runs small, which is the reason I am selling as it does not fit! Even comes in original BBC bag! Will ship anywhere as long as shipping is paid for. I may not have an feedback, but I've been a member of SF since 2008 and have done many business transactions on here in the past. PM me if you have any questions.
Quote: Originally Posted by justlurkingthanks Actually, the most distressing part is that four of the top five vote-getters appear to be transgendered. The cousin is indeed hot, even if her name makes me cringe. Same thoughts about the top five!
Hey StyleForum! There's a contest going on over at PETA for the Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door and my cousin is a contestant. Although she's on the first page, She needs like 650+ votes to get in the lead. Would highly appreciate it if you vote at this link: PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door 2011 | Contestant | Thx
Are those dead pixels in the second pic or just smudge?
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