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What are things that you do that help you stay productive? I'd like to share what has recently helped me get back on track. It's writing down 3 things I have to do the next day with 1 end goal in mind. If I can do this for a few weeks, I typically get shit done. Also, I ran into this infographic that pretty much is similar to what I've been doing: It's from this company called hitask which deals with to do list apps. Very well done, IMO. So, what things help you get shit...
Bought these in SoHo NYC a while back and was never able to use them due to their slim fit size. They are basically brand new, I just removed the tag because I thought I would lose the weight one day and fit in, but that didn't happen. Style is S001 They really are new, never used or washed.
For sale is a NWOT very rare BBC Ice Cream Jacket that retailed for around $750.00 if I'm not mistaken. I even have the original BBC bag it came in! Was never able to use it bc it runs smaller than I expected. It is a size Medium, and is a slim fit. This jacket is amazing and I wish I could use it this fall, but I guess my loss is your gain! If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to PM me.
Up for sale is a very rare, New Without Tag, Authentic, Billionaire Boys Club Jacket. It is a medium which runs small, which is the reason I am selling as it does not fit! Even comes in original BBC bag! Will ship anywhere as long as shipping is paid for. I may not have an feedback, but I've been a member of SF since 2008 and have done many business transactions on here in the past. PM me if you have any questions.
Quote: Originally Posted by justlurkingthanks Actually, the most distressing part is that four of the top five vote-getters appear to be transgendered. The cousin is indeed hot, even if her name makes me cringe. Same thoughts about the top five!
Hey StyleForum! There's a contest going on over at PETA for the Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door and my cousin is a contestant. Although she's on the first page, She needs like 650+ votes to get in the lead. Would highly appreciate it if you vote at this link: PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door 2011 | Contestant | PETA.org Thx
Are those dead pixels in the second pic or just smudge?
Could really use that 10% off they have for American Airlines... I got mine, but forgot to write it down. (They only give it out once, which is stupid.) Thanks :-P
I'll take it if it's still available!
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