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Canali runs $900 - $1000 at Rothman's, representing a slight discount. You're not going to consistently find sub $400 Canali suits in a regular size. Buy a navy suit, you'll get more use out of it, and it's more than appropriate for work, whether in law, finance, or a more social profession. A black suit isn't really appropriate for business wear. A glen plaid gray suit is going to be noticed too much for you to regularly wear it in your rotation. No matter how nice...
Bobo is much better than Smith's. Food and decor are both much better. Service is equal between the two. Bobo has a better scene. If going to Smith's, go to the bar room.
the restaurant under a tree is called Johnny B's under the Tree.. it's famous, you can't miss it when you're driving around the island.. lobster is expensive, the chicken and ribs there are great and reasonable.. Ile Pinel is a good day trip - short ride on a boat to a smallish island with 2 restaurants where you can hang out.. Beaches on the French side, especially at Orient Bay, are generally much nicer than on the Dutch side.. Food is generally better on the...
Yes, same bag. The space where the pen and business card holder is cannot be used to hold more than pens and a small note book. The center pocket is the largest. Due to the curve of the bag at the top and the manner in which the bag closes, nothing can extend above the leather that separates out the center section. Basically you place the larger item in the center section of the bag (trial binder, text, etc.) and your pads in the smaller side section. The bag is...
I have the Atlas bag and have issue using it for court. More specifically, I can fit a small hearing binder (3" thick or less) in it along with a few legal pads, and that's it. In other words, I'd doubt that you can fit a 15" laptop and much more than a thin book in it. While it looks large, it's not the best for hauling.
Their customer service leaves something to be desired. I ordered a pair of the Grizzly Moccasin Boots on 12/17/07 and was not initially notified of a lag time. I called them after placing the order, requested a rush, and was informed that they were running on a six week backlog. On 1/6/08 I received an email notification confirming my order and notifying me of a ship date of 1/24/08. When I'd heard nothing from them I emailed on 1/31 requesting an update. No response....
yeah.. it's a good neighborhood place, not worth trekking for..
cafe latte was the old italian breakfast.. boil the milk, add a shot or two of stovetop moka to it in a bowl, and dip your dry/stale bread in it.. this gave one a way to use the remains of yesterdays bread and get the calories needed for the hard days labor ahead.. my old roommate, from Lyon, only drank his coffee from a bowl when he first arrived.. his tea from a proper cup..
DiFara's Lombardi's Sal and Carmine's the original Patsy's Artichoke's sicilian slice is better than most, not worth the hype though Maffei's is just as good, while slightly different - fresher there's a place on 10th Avenue that has an old wood burning oven and uses fresh ingredients that's a good neighborhood place..
DiFara's Sal and Carmine's Lombardi's Muffai, for grandma style pizza Mariella, my neighborhood slice joint, will do in a pinch New Park is incredible on the way to the beach Artichoke's sicilian slice is pretty good, but I'm hating on this place because of the hype it's been getting
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