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Does anyone know whether they're coming back to NYC anytime soon? I've tried emailing off the site, however, it doesn't seem to go through..
The other applicants will be in a suit, no? If so, how does that effect your presentation?
Quote: Originally Posted by JSC4President I had a good shoe shine across from Shake Shack... but that is below 34th... Some old Russian man with a place near the Wendys. If i find a good shoe shine tomorrow (i am wearing some shoes i dont usually wear)... i will post it here. for future reference, the shoe shine on the south side of 23rd, just west of broadway, is great..
I bought a paid from Ropey Soles a year or two ago.. good and cheap, they last longer if you don't wear them in the city..
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnGalt I bought a Prada bag a few years back from NM. With much use, the interior lining eventually ripped up, the zippers needed to be fixed/sewn and the shoulder strap was coming undone. It was beaten up over the years but the shell held up well and the bag was being used for other than its designed purpose. I decided to fix it and called Prada in NYC (and yes, I was willing to pay since it definitely wasn't warranty...
Hermes has permitted me to return ties to them that my mother bought me for the holidays each and every year. No receipt. I'm unsure which store you attempted to return the item to and truth be told I haven't read the entire thread because of the number of responses and the tone they've taken. Make sure that you are bringing the item back to a corporate store and not a franchise store, the difference between these two is huge in big. Also, it is possible that...
I've been wearing some from ropeysoles, a UK based company. Great selection of colors and fabrics, cheap, and easy and quick shipping.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbadbuff I assume you meant vice versa here, as it would only make sense that those who liked low marble grain fed beef would find the transition to grass easier. no, if you're into the ribeye, which tends to have a beefier and more textured cut than filet, you're more likely to be into grass fed beef.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Yeah, well, see my post above. Unless they have special licensure, restaurants are not allowed to age beef. They can, however, store it. This isn't really true. So long as you're not selling the meat, uncooked, no additional licensure is needed to age beef on premises. Many Manhattan restaurants receive sub primals or smaller pieces from the distributors; some actually go to the market and choose their...
Canali runs $900 - $1000 at Rothman's, representing a slight discount. You're not going to consistently find sub $400 Canali suits in a regular size. Buy a navy suit, you'll get more use out of it, and it's more than appropriate for work, whether in law, finance, or a more social profession. A black suit isn't really appropriate for business wear. A glen plaid gray suit is going to be noticed too much for you to regularly wear it in your rotation. No matter how nice...
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