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I own the J Crew Aldrige Linen Suit in Navy from a season or two ago. It's fine and wears a bit warmer than you might think. It's held up and I wear it once a week or so in NYC summers. I'm an attorney and it's fine for casual meetings and/or Fridays when I'm heading out later in the evening. For a sub-$500 suit, it's fine. I think that I'd prefer it half-lined, but I'm unsure about how it would drape.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bounder First, this is not legal advice. It's merely speculation. I am not completely convinced that you do have to pay, especially not the "processing" fee. You actually have no contract with the shipper, the seller does. For example, the seller could have chosen to use Royal Mail and you wouldn't have been charged any processing fee. BTW, I have seen packages where no duty at all was due that were still charged a...
Did anyone else get his with a customs import bill from DHL a few weeks after receiving delivery of ties from Drake's?
Quote: Originally Posted by tradernick See this for an example of a crass response vs. that of Crooow above which is pretty classy. I won't bother to comment other than to reiterate that not one seller I have dealt with here has insisted upon this type of shipping. So it is not true that 'most of you' use Express $$$ as your standard shipping method to Canada. That is the whole point of the thread. If you think it's ridiculous, that's great for...
My only hope is that when the proxy sends the jeans to you (for a net savings of something less than $20) by an untrackable international shipping method, they get there with as little hassle as possible so that we don't have to deal with another ridiculous thread about what remedy you have against the proxy or original seller. If you want to pay with PayPal you have to be willing to pay for a shipping method that allows you to show that the item was delivered. Period....
I've placed four orders over two years and always had items ship within six weeks. I've had Joe measure me and take the orders and have moved on from the shirts to suits as well. I'll echo that the first suit was off in a few specific area and we've moved on from there and I've been pretty happy with the cut and fit. A friend ordered half a dozen shirts for the first time on the last visit to NYC and had the sample shirt in hand about three weeks later.
Price dropped to $475 with 2 day Fedex for arrival prior to Thanksgiving.
Quote: Originally Posted by pandamonium They look good: any chance you can give me a width measurement? Thanks. External width is 4.5" at the widest point. Let me know if there is a specific measurement you're looking for.
I've been running in one for most mornings over the last two months. They come in short and long sleeve, v-neck and crew. They're inexpensive, wash well in the sink and dry overnight hanging in the bathroom without any odor. Great traveling shirts.
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