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G-Star regularly has one or two slim fitting overcoats each season. I have a very heavy wool overcoat that I regularly wear over a suit to Federal court, etc.
without reading all of the replies, my thought on this has always been that it's supposed to look like everyone woke up and decided to wear a tuxedo, without all looking identical.
Quote: Originally Posted by stormin10 Louis Vuitton sold, to a friend who works at the LV store in dallas northpark mall, so yes they were real... You're probably full of shit. Retail on sunglasses is 2 - 3 x wholesale. Employee discount is at least 30%+ off retail. When I worked in an optical, it was 50%+ off.
Quote: Originally Posted by RPMcMurphy Hit up the Madison store yesterday, was told could be 'months' before they get in Whiskey, and don't even bother with Cigar because you'll never find them... so...I bought them in Cigar from shoe mart on the way out of the store. Shame, I like the AE's cordovan color, but was really 'meh' on the quality. (I know I know, lots of AE hate, just sayin') Alden on Madison has one pair of Whiskey long...
I've had them make five suits for me. The first suit was too large overall; the second needed slight tweaks. The next three are fine. $899 is getting into higher level fabric from them.
I own the J Crew Aldrige Linen Suit in Navy from a season or two ago. It's fine and wears a bit warmer than you might think. It's held up and I wear it once a week or so in NYC summers. I'm an attorney and it's fine for casual meetings and/or Fridays when I'm heading out later in the evening. For a sub-$500 suit, it's fine. I think that I'd prefer it half-lined, but I'm unsure about how it would drape.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bounder First, this is not legal advice. It's merely speculation. I am not completely convinced that you do have to pay, especially not the "processing" fee. You actually have no contract with the shipper, the seller does. For example, the seller could have chosen to use Royal Mail and you wouldn't have been charged any processing fee. BTW, I have seen packages where no duty at all was due that were still charged a...
Did anyone else get his with a customs import bill from DHL a few weeks after receiving delivery of ties from Drake's?
Quote: Originally Posted by tradernick See this for an example of a crass response vs. that of Crooow above which is pretty classy. I won't bother to comment other than to reiterate that not one seller I have dealt with here has insisted upon this type of shipping. So it is not true that 'most of you' use Express $$$ as your standard shipping method to Canada. That is the whole point of the thread. If you think it's ridiculous, that's great for...
My only hope is that when the proxy sends the jeans to you (for a net savings of something less than $20) by an untrackable international shipping method, they get there with as little hassle as possible so that we don't have to deal with another ridiculous thread about what remedy you have against the proxy or original seller. If you want to pay with PayPal you have to be willing to pay for a shipping method that allows you to show that the item was delivered. Period....
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