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Zuni all the way.
Alta/Snowbird are good for decent skiers with decent cheap on mountain hotels where drinking is par for the course. Co is generally more expensive. Jackson Hole, if you can find a cheap ticket, is incredible.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow I've stayed in Manhattan before (not in winter though) and I have to say, the subway system was very ineffective. While the trains were fast, many times I had to take long detours to get from one line to another just to end up close to where I started. Some parts suffer from not enough interconnects between different lines, forcing you to take long subway trips to get from point A to point B, which are located very close...
go to Bar Pitti or Pepolino.
Quote: Originally Posted by Milpool I saw a mention about more protein than rice and beans. My serving of rice and beans for 30 to 35 cents has about 18 grams of protein. A dozen eggs runs $1.50 and has 6 grams of protein per egg. Two eggs cost 25 cents and yield 12 grams of protein. A can of tuna that costs 75 cents has 12 grams of protein. So I guess if we really want to figure out how cheap food is, we need to break it down to cost per...
Yes, nice place. Across from Lincoln Center, more Upper West Side than Times Square. Ed's Chowder House, the in-house restaurant, is pretty good, although not really worth what they charge. Nice bar. Good subway access at 66th and Broadway. The Metropolitan Opera is performing La Traviatta and the Philharmonic should have a new years eve performance as well. Bar Boloud is close by and great for drinks and charcuterie. Grey's Papaya is five minutes away and worth...
buy cheap. this isn't the time to spend a ton of money and be concerned about where your jacket is, whether you should wear it out in bush, or anything of the sort. NorthFace and Patagonia both make sub-$100 waterproof shells.
ride the bicycles that are parked outside of every metro station; try and have lunch at Cafe des Musee..
The prime beef used in restaurants that even use prime is solidly below that which used to be graded as prime. The number of steakhouses nationwide claiming to use prime, and their need to be able to consistently source beef, has driven the degradation of the USDA prime designation. Cows just don't produce enough truly prime beef to satisfy the demand. Beyond that, I prefer my beef to be dry aged. Wet aged beef makes me sad. It has none of the mineral taste of well...
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