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Eat at Mile End if you're coming to Brooklyn and want deli. Do NOT eat at Junior's. The cheesecake has fallen off significantly and the rest of the menu is garbage.
Go to the Met. Temple of Dendor. Done. There's a Cezanne exhibit going on now as well. Hit Gray's on 72nd, it's a NY thing and is much better than a dirty water hot dog. There's a Turkish restaurant, Turkuaz, near your hostel. It's damn good but not dirt cheap. If you're looking for incredible pizza, go to East Harlem to the original Patsy's. For a slice, Joe's. Artichoke is many things, including good, but it's not NY pizza. On the UES near the Met is...
to pile on, tell him now. a lot of us are limited in the number of people that we can invite; it doesn't matter how many people actually come at this point, it matters how many you invite in the initial round. Some people also do rounds of invitations if they have more friends than they can afford or can fit into a place, so your telling him up front, and before the invitations go out, can actually be a much better thing than waiting for the invitation and RSVP'ing...
Salvatore- Any idea when your friend Solito will return to NYC with the jacket I ordered (in your hotel room) and paid him a deposit on 18 months ago?
few non-Japanese businessmen eat at Kuruma. Even fewer discuss food on a clothing board.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Yasuda. Go before he leaves NYC I'm pretty sure Yasuda is gone. He went to Japna for their annual closing around the holidays and I'm unsure whether he actually came back for he two weeks in Japan that he was planning on. That being said, while the overall experience is more fun with Yasuda, you're otherwise getting the same fish from any of the chefs. There's very little chance of getting out of...
For traditional sushi, the top three are generally Yasuda, Kuruma, and Masa. Second tier includes Sasabune, Sushi Rose, 15 East, and a few others in midtown. Under that you can get into Gari, Ushiwakamawaru (sp), Geigha, etc. Yasuda gives you the best bang for the buck, especially at lunch. If you're looking for rolls or sashimi, disregard all of the above.
The Alden shop on Madison usually has these in stock in various sizes and colors (brown and black).
Wear them both. Spend a bit of money on white shirts and have them pressed by the cleaners. Basic ties. No one cares so long as you blend. This is the point.
Alden on Madison Avenue in Manhattan has Indy boots in stock in Number 8, Cigar, and Whiskey, in various sizes.
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