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i've been alternating between a black Kangol Trilby, which, slightly small on my head has gotten me more compliments than any piece of clothing i own and the Prada wool/cashmere watch cap, which has a nylon lining to provide for waterproofness..
in terms of rimless glasses, it's very hard to top Lindberg's rimless.. the Kawasaki's are nice as well, and the style is somewhat similar to the Lindberg's.. understand that both are titanium frames, and thus, they cannot be soldered.. instead, if a piece should break you're looking at needing to purchase a new piece.. all rimless frames are, by definition, modular, however you're probably looking at about $100 for a new bridge piece.. they do have a very nice warranty...
they've reopened the downtown brooks brothers.. directly across from the wtc site..
Quote: I know everyone hear bashes the quality of Prada Sport stuff, but this one pair of America's Cup trainers started falling apart (again, no fault of my own -- I also like to think I take excellent care of my shoes) in just under a year.  I currently own 2 other pairs of PS trainers and 1 pair of loafers, none of which have had similar issues.  I received them as a gift, so I wouldn't know where to take them or even who to contact as there are no Prada...
Quote: Sometime in the last year there was an article in Details magazine about how to tie a big Italian knot.  I meant to save it, but I don't think I did.  I'll take another look. I've never actually tried it even though I understand it's been the big thing in Europe for the past few years. I believe he indicated that he used a standard four-in-hand with an additional wrap before going up and down..
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