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Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Do you mean you CAN make them 30 days in advance? I wasn't under the impression that you HAD to. The book opens 30 days out. If you'd like to eat dinner there at a time other than 5:30 or 6 PM, you need to make a reservation on the day that it opens up. While there are quirks and variations on this, consistently you're not going to be able to get in without being on the phone at 10 am 30 days...
Lupa requires reservations made 30 days out. It is now on OpenTable. You can also walk in, with a wait of generally between 30 and 90 minutes.
I have a Schlesinger Partner Brief Bag. I'm told that Atlas is no longer being produced, or that there was extremely limited availability. I like the bag, the leather quality is great, and the lock is actually pretty heavy duty.
1 - Daniel's is the bagel place on 3rd Avenue and 37th Street. They have great bagels but couldn't give a shit if you wear a suit. 2 - If you're going to Daniel, flagship restaurant of Daniel Boulud in New York, you should wear a suit. You should keep your jacket on. They'll ask you to replace it or leave should you remove it. 3 - You're likely to spend ~$500 for dinner between you and your companion. If you can afford to spend this much on dinner, you should be able...
are you going to work afterward? if not, what would you wear if you had to go to City Hall/the recorder of deeds/records? Weat that.
Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 I consider it a pretty big red flag when a tailor is not transparent and upfront about pricing, tries to upsell me on more items or more expensive fabrics, tries to talk me out of a superior construction method because it is not "necessary," or delivers something other than what I ordered as is not immediately willing to fix it. In my very limited experience with these kinds of outfits, they deliver sub-par items that...
Quote: Originally Posted by zbromer I visited mytailor today for the third time. I've been happy with the Thomas Mason fabrics and think they do a pretty good job with their shirts. I was told, however, that they won't be offering the thick mother of pearl buttons anymore, because they were getting too many complaints about them. Sounded odd to me, because I definitely preffered them. FYI, I ordered a slew of shirts from him over the weekend...
often, while things are kept off the floor, they're available to anyone who either knows what they're looking for, or who asks.. Prada in NYC has a room where all of the bags are kept.. if you look like halfway normal they'll take you there upon request.. Miu Miu will show you bags and shoes that aren't kept on the floor upon request..
Ramon, a tailor on the LES on Orchard, or nearby, will do MTM CMT for $300.. unsure of the house style, he's done a decent amount of basic tailoring for me at dirt cheap prices over the last six or eight months.. all work done in house, one week turnaround..
This is a somewhat common practice, especially at higher end cleaners here in New York City. The practice is literally hundreds of years old. While I understand the issues that the op has as he wished to give the shirts as a gift after laundering them (which I believe would make them no less returnable than having the laundry marks places upon them) I think the original poster and many of the responses over react to the cleaner's making the laundry marks.
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