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Saori at Salon Seven is pretty good, I've been going to her for ~10 years at this point. Martial Vivot if you want to go extremely high end.
eh, you get what you pay for. I bought a white linen suit in Mumbai for ~175 US$. It was mtm and was made in 24 hours. It's fine, it fits, it's classically fit, and its better than J Crew options at twice the price. I purchased it from the Millionaire Store. I wouldn't purchase my every day workhorse suits from them, that's what Hemrajani is for.
I own and frequently wear a navy cotton unlined sport coat from cp company, as well as a half lined tan sport coat that I picked up for $40 at Daffy's. I can get through a week in the office during the summer with these if needed because of their basic coloring. The unlined aspect of them makes a world of difference. I own the j crew linen suit in navy, and while I like the look, it wears very warm as it is a fully lined jacket. I had Hemrajani make up a 1/3rd lined...
Quote: Originally Posted by landshark When wearing a DB coat or a vest it is appropriate to wear braces. Belts are traditionally inappropriate in those situations. You may wear them with SB jackets and suits as fashion statements, but belts are acceptable. Vests and double breasted have nothing to do with the appropriate wear of braces.
Check out Jason Marhsall, the Jazz musician. He posts here and on Ask Andy and his homepage has some interesting photos of him. I believe he's worked though from a 3 button down to a one button with peak lapels. I do like the idea of the peak lapel sport coat and can see it in a more casual suit, ideally in a midnight navy to be worn at night. It's generally outside of the scope of classic men's wear though..
This is one of Alden's orthopedic Foot Balance shoes. Model 588 is made of Alpine Grain Calfskin on the Modified Last. This shoe is an 11E, however, fits somewhat larger given the nature of the modified last and of the E width.
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 do NOT do grinaldi's!! it's an overrated tourist location. of you are in bklyn and want some quality brick oven pizza, walk a few blocks from grimaldi's onto court street and find sam's steak/chops/pizza. old school italian spot with MUCH better pizza w/o the half hour wait! does Sam's have a brick oven? regardless, they've been my go to for the last year or so since I gave up on dealing with Lucali's...
i've had eight suits made by hemrajani brothers / mytailor.com i've kept the first suit to have something to wear in heavy rain/nasty winter weather; i had it made in a very heavy wool in their least expensive category to see how the pattern fit me; i edited from there and had pattern made in both flannels and lighter weight fabrics am generally very happy with them. the classic advice is invest in tailoring, not material. for years, before hong kong mtm salesmen...
Quote: Originally Posted by latkaguy OK, Shmartiepants. Granted that my knowledge of Juniors is years old, but where IS the best cheesecake in NY - a traditional, plain-jane, so rich you can barely finish a slice, New York cheesecake? Serendipity 3. It's got a walnut crust, instead of the classic graham cracker, but it's damn good.
Eat at Mile End if you're coming to Brooklyn and want deli. Do NOT eat at Junior's. The cheesecake has fallen off significantly and the rest of the menu is garbage.
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