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I'm confused about what's going on in this thread from post #489 on, especially given the statement that I quoted above. Please start a new thread about the other tailors.
So my long drawn out saga has come to an end. Luigi delivered my sport coat earlier today, apologized for the delay, and provided the jacket at a significant discount as an apology and effort to make amends. Many thanks to @dieworkwear for getting the conversation on this going and ensuring that it was worked out amicably. Liuigi mentioned a December return to NYC for those interested in seeing on this, or his next, trip.
Very generous. Thank you for the offer.
What's the math like on this? How many people are needed to get him here?
I don't know that people insinuate him ripping people off so much as him not delivering commissions that he has been paid for either in full or large portion.Further, his communication leaves a significant amount to be desired. He comes and goes at his whims and desires. Literally, he will disappear for a year or so after promising to deliver a garment in a week or two, and then reappears and continues the conversation as if this is normal. Then he promises to delivery...
Did BEn Silver offer these in the past? I know they offered the Boston in Whiskey.
I have a brand new in the box pair of Whiskey Harlech's in 10E. Email me if you're interested in them without the wait from C&J.
If he would deliver my order from years ago, I'd be happy to.I cannot believe that anyone is really thinking about using him as a traveling tailor. He's taken money from multiple members here and failed to provide the garments that he was paid to produce.Perhaps if you're willing to travel to Naples, you'll get what you pay for. If not, be prepared for unfilfilled promises, tales of angst, illness, and redemption followed by revived promises to deliver. With the end result...
From the recent made to order batch, I took them out of the box today. Fit isn't there for me. The left boot (only) has been laced up, my foot inserted into it, and then removed. The right boot hasn't even been laced up. Rubber Danite sole, on the 341 last. Everything you can want to know about this shoe is available in the C&J MTO thread. Photos if you like. $1,000 shipped in USA via Fedex. No shoe trees. No international shipping.
I'm one of the initial New Yorkers who dealt with both Salvatore and Solito. Eventually I received my pants.I have still not received my jacket four years later. I've received one email after a two year hiatus that his mother was ill and apologizing for the delay. That was it.
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