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Quote: Originally Posted by clip I can see your point of view, but it depends on your long-term philosophy of child-rearing. Everytime my daughter has mufti day at school, the irony is that every one of them turns up looking more "uniform" than when they are in school uniform - they all wear leggings, uggs, a Jack Wills T-shirt and a Hollister top. They are going to want to wear what their friends wear. If that means dressing like an idiot...well that's...
Ugg's look like shit. My duaghter wanted apair and got mad at me becuase I refused to spend money making her look like an idiot in them. There are too many other choices for shoes that they should be avoided at all costs.
Just catching up after a few days. A long day in my lab and a quick run to the post to send out the remaining flower orders. Some Peterlee Collar Roll LeeBaron,RL,Incotex,LGC,Alden Post Run Saturday BR,N&F,Superga,RL
Quote: Originally Posted by KtownGreg Just because Went with the classic over the new SubC. Happy with the choice. Great choice with the SeaDweller. The classic looks much better than the newer ceramic versions. They look out of balance with the super cases. That is why I am looking for a 72 red sub to add to my collection.
If I had to keep 2 it would be the Harris Tweed and the Camel DB in the last pic. The tweed is a great look and the camel is very versatile. I thinjk for bespoke I would do a lighter grey and a dark navy in whatever style fits your weather the best, so that looks like a longer coat for warmth.
Quote: Originally Posted by HalfCanvas I had beat you to #5, Mr. K -- but if they don't work out, I'll PM you. Thanks. Just let me know. I need some lighteight for the coming summer.
PM sent for #5 Linen/Cotton
I am not familiar with him, but you should have researched first. There are many authorized places that can do the service. You may have even had a good place near you so you do not have to ship the watch.
My wife has more close, but I have the better quality clothing. she likes to trade out things more than I do. She also does not buy shoes over 150.00 dollars, while I will pay whatever is needed to get a good fit and comfort.
Decided to wear a tie today, since having lunch with Dad This is what happens with free time and 2 snow days in the South, crows foot stitching
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