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It is a wool shawl collar from Polo Rugby last year. I just took off the elbow patches. It is great for cold weather.
Early Home From Work and Christmas Decorating with my Daughter
Rob the hat looks like it would keep you warm even on the coldest days. I like the overcoat, it looks like a great fit. As usual the longwings make me wish Alden would hurry up and get mine done.
Those chukkas look great. Is the sole nice and flexible with the oiled leather sole. I am looking forward to a pair, but need to wait until Tom does another order to get my size in the Barrie.
I just got a titanium band, with a brushed center and polished lip. It is holding up well and is almost indestructable. Also it was inexpensive, so I got 2, one for winter and one for summer. With the money I saved, I just got my wife more of the diamonds she wanted.
I wear suede chukkas all year. I have the Alden ones with the oiled sole and they are great in the rain and what little snow we get in the south.
Tom, the color looks great. What sole is on that version.
New Posts  All Forums: