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Great Day Hanging Out With Family LeeBaron,J.Crew,APC,Alden,Rolex
2007 Is250 with F-Sport Package. I wanted the 350, but at he time I was afraid it was too much power for my wife who has never driven rear wheel drive and has never had over 150 horse in a car. It is not the fastest, but the F-sport parts do help it handle better, which is far more important than top speed. If I wanted speed I would build another 300Zx twin turbo up to 400 or 500 horse.
I got my 15OZ Weird Guys last week and have had a chance to wash them a couple times to get the shrink out of the way and all the extra indigo. They are great jeans and have a nice deep color even after the washes. I now just need to get the length done and they will be perfect. I am amazed how much heavier they feel than the 13OZ I have. I had no idea it would make that much of a difference in the feel of the jeans.
I think the blue one looks fine. I like all mine to fit that way, that is why I have mine done by Peterlee.
Fidelity Light Grey Slim Fit Peacoat in Size Medium, Asking $70.00shipped Only worn a few times last year and I have decided to let it go, since it rarely gets cold enough to need a wool coat. The coat is very slim fit and is in perfect condition. Please IM if you need all the measurements. Measurements: Shoulder=18" Pit to Pit=19.5" Sleeve from Shoulder=25" Length=28" FIt Pick Sole Survivor Leather O-Ring Belt, $15.00shipped, 40" total...
That is a nice watch, but a Presidential should be on a metal bracelet. It looses some of its look on leather. Also the band used is a work of art and very comfortable. My farther has let me use his platinum day/date a couple times and it felt so good with the bracelet.
Quote: Originally Posted by click here So I just got a pair of sunglasses from ebay (Persol 714) and they don't fit me. The glasses keep on sliding down my face. Was just wondering is there any way of fixing it? Eg adding nose pad, bending the frames, etc Or do I just have to look for another model? Just go to any store that sells sunglasses or regular glasses and they should be able to help you adjust them.
Yes it is. Your Day-Date looks beautiful. It should look like new when it gets back from service.
It is a wool shawl collar from Polo Rugby last year. I just took off the elbow patches. It is great for cold weather.
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