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If you want high end Bottega Veneta makes some beautiful bags. The hand work is truely amazing. I have my eye on one, but I think the almost 3K price may make it a nogo for this year. Too many other things to get first.
Working on finishing up the design this weekend for the 4 petal.
I would not bother spending the extra money. The one you have looks great and if it has the co-axial then there is no need at all.
I just wanted to give an update on the quantities. I have about 4-5 10ml bottles of Spring Flower and 6-8 10mL bottles of Virgin Island Water samples left. I will also be splitting a bottle of creed Himalaya and will have 4-5 10mL samples and will sell those for 20.00 shipped a sample. Please IM if interested. SOLD
Just got my first batch of navy blue flowers in today. I have them made in 4 designs to give people some variety and size choices. I am working on the 4 petal design this weekend and should have pics by Sunday or Sunday for those. These are the same price as the others and can be made with any of the center color I have. Please IM if interested.
Just wanted to elt anyone that might be interested in the Creed Virgin Island Watewr Split that there are 2 spots left. Shipping out tomorrow morning if anyone wants to get in on it.
There are a few members on the board that amke them and sell. I have made some also.
Those are just strung beads. They are easy to make. I wear them in the summer all the time and work part time at a craft store and have all the supplies to make them.
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