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Just got back from the mall picking up a new spring hat. Not the best hat. but it will do until I can find another one that fits right.
I put all my cotton items in the wash and just use cold water. I hang pants and shirts and the rest get dried. I always have my shirts made with a little extra size to make sure they do not shrink up too much.
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL My first shell cordovan shoe: I guess if that is the color #8 ages to, then I will have to get a shoe or boot in that color. It looks great.
I would cuff them. I have most of mine cuffed. It looks good with shoes and boots.
Get the Submariner or even a Seadweller if you intend ot use it for diving. The Omega is a good watch, but not for diving. I love my Suba and also have had Omegas, they are both great watches just for different situations.
Quote: Originally Posted by phaseshift pant cuffs, what do you guys think too high too low no cuffs? If you have socks on then you should not be cuffing them at all. It is a great casual look without socks. I do it in the summer all the time.
This is a great thread, I hope it keeps going.
They can be attached with the stem, if you have a loop on your lapel, or I will attach a button for those that want them. Just need to let me know what you want when you place your order.
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