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I saw a few pics of these items on the web and thought that maybe there might be some others that would want to try one for themselves. The are beaded lapel hole decorations. They are made with 2 different end parts, so they can be worn either way. The one pictured is made with smaller 3mm beads, but they can be made with larger 4mm beads of almost any color I can get. I have enough supplies to make 2 more of the style pictured. I can also get chess pieces and owls. those...
Burnt Chocolate wool crepe tie, which is made with highly twisted English wool crepe, this tie is quite resistant to creases and forms a very satisfying knot with a four-in-hand. -3.5" x 57" -6-Fold -100% wool -Unlined -Hand rolled Edges Asking 70.00 shipped.
Up for sale are a couple Vanda Fine Clothing ties I am not getting any use of out of. The blue has been worn once and the brown has not been worn yet. I am putting the money towards a new pair of shell shoes that will get much more use. The ties will come in the original Vanda blue boxes. First is a blue tie made with a blend of English cashmere and silk, this tie has an incredibly light, soft and luxurious hand from the cashmere. The deep blue ground is made more...
Up for sale is a brand new Owen and James blue chambray popover I got in the post the other day. It was only tried on and is not going to work for me. I am looking to find a buyer in the US to avoid having to send it back to Australia for the return. It is a size medium and has a4 button placket, and a spread collar and rear pleats to aid in movement. I will post pics and measurements later this evening. This is a great chance to save almost $30.00 dollars and have the...
I would also want the eyelets to match. Not a fan of the brass eyelets on suede.
I would vote 360 and no pull tab. Will the toe stitching be a lighter brown or tan to give more contrast?
Rob,Nice to see that flower design still out there. I have sold a bunch of them, but do not see them in pics alot.
The ladies at my part time job have showed me a new flower design to offer. This new design is about 1" in diameter and is a 3D design. I am using wool felt on these, so they are a bit more refined than my other designs that do not use wool felt. I have 2 colors made up for now and will add colors as people request them. I am starting with Navy, which has been the most asked for color in any of my designs and a pinkish red for the summer months. These will come with a...
If the Plaza is TTS then I would be interested in a pair, since I can not get he Thor boot, since it is on the Barrie. Any one else interested in a tanker style? I want to get one brown boot with tan accent stitching and the Indy and Tanker both have the stitching.
I would not mind an Indy boot or tanker boot in dark brown suede, with a commando sole or a double oiled sole. No speed hooks would also be great. Any on any last but the barrie, since they will not make my size in that.
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