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Snuff suede from Unipair today
Today was a casual suede chukka day. My first pair of Alden shoes from almost 6 years ago.
Just clearing out some of my older bracelets that do not get worn. These are size small. I want to sell them as a set. I am asking $100.00 , which is like getting 3 for the price of only 2. Please IM if interested.
MikeThese are calf-skin. I think they are @4 years old now.
Wearing my first LeatherSoul Alden's today
Mr. K, the Leffot #8 Dovers are killer. Looking good! May I inquiry into what your pants are? I have trouble pairing my #8 Unlined Dovers with outfits, so I am curious as to how people sport them (beyond denim). -Mike [/quote] Mike These pants are jcrew 484 chinos. I use lily wear chinos with these or white denim.
Loving my new #8 unlined dovers from Leffot. This is after 6 wears [
Mike, Any chance to October restock of the sneakers will have a size 7 in it? I want a white sneaker and just cab not see paying double for other sneakers when yours looks exactly like I want.
Up for sale is 6 of my Peter Lee shirts that are not getting any wear. They are all 100% cotton and in like new condition. They have at most 3 wears each. These are the ones I do not wear very much. 3 of them are button down collars and the heavier denim shirt is a semi-spread collar. All the shirts have Trocas buttons and are sewn on with a crow's foot pattern. They are all made with 15.5" knecks, 18" shoulder and 22" pit to pit for a slim shirt for a 40" chest. The...
Up for sale is a perfect condition Kent Wang navy knit tie. I am cleaning out and making room in my closet and I have only worn this one time since buying it last year, so it needs to go. It has the pointed tip.
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