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Thanks for the comment, but if is venting move
I am not looking for comfort it is called venting.
Thanks for the useless advice. I was under the impressions these forums where to discuss the good and the bad. Let me know how you feel when some faceless person in a 3rd world country calls you a cheat
Day 2 with my new AoC cigar LWB. Love the color in the sunlight.
Your stupid comments are not needed.
I realize that , but to be called a cheat was way out of line.
That color looks great. I like how is looks a little darker than some other revello I have seen
I was under the impression that all was in order when they where returned. Theresa was the one that told me to return them. She said she checked the measurements when the got back and they where fine, but after a wash they shrank to unwearable. I was told the denim was from a different batch and that would explain the different shrinking. That is why I did not expect an issue with the remake . The part that really pissed me off was the accusation of being fradulent in my...
Yes I e-mailed her my reasons for return , which was due to them using the silver buttons in the fly and putting extra decorative stitching on the back pockets . The main reason was the material was not the exact same material as my first two pairs and it shrank much more than was expected. She accused my of fraudulent practices and said they refused to remakd them or even allows me to order a new pair . I could understand of I have had issues before, but this is the only...
I just wanted to see if any other forum members have been having issues with Theresa. Her customer service as of late has been shit. I tried to fix an issue with a pair of jeans that they did not follows instructions on and when I sent them back for a remake they just refunded my money.
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