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Looking for help if possible from other forum members. I am trying to locate a maker or company that has a #8!color close to it o-ring belt. I have not had any luck yet finding a source. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Yesterday's running around outfit
AoC cigar LWB in the sun today
Mike Those white sneakers look great. Will there be any size 7 sneakers in the batch?
I never mentioned race Mr 103 posts. Maybe you should be around a little longer before you take on the voice of reason for the thread. Just as no one in the end cares about my vent, your internet opinion also means nothing.
Thanks for pointing that out, but again it is called venting. Do people not do that in the perfect world you live in! This is my last post about this topic, but as I said when you or anyone else get screwed over by someone you might get upset also and need to vent.
Thanks for the comment, but if is venting move
I am not looking for comfort it is called venting.
Thanks for the useless advice. I was under the impressions these forums where to discuss the good and the bad. Let me know how you feel when some faceless person in a 3rd world country calls you a cheat
Day 2 with my new AoC cigar LWB. Love the color in the sunlight.
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