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Those look great. Mine will not be to me until Monday.
Just clearing out a couple pais of shoes that get no wear to make room for incoming shell purchases. These are a Leydon lasted shoe in size 6E. They are calf skin and cigar shell. They have single oiled sole and will come with box and dust bags as new. Please IM if interested. Shoes will also come with the Woodlore Epic shoe trees in the pic. Out of US shipping will be an extra 25.00 dollars.
After a long day in the lab
Snuff suede from Unipair today
Today was a casual suede chukka day. My first pair of Alden shoes from almost 6 years ago.
Just clearing out some of my older bracelets that do not get worn. These are size small. I want to sell them as a set. I am asking $100.00 , which is like getting 3 for the price of only 2. Please IM if interested.
MikeThese are calf-skin. I think they are @4 years old now.
Wearing my first LeatherSoul Alden's today
Mr. K, the Leffot #8 Dovers are killer. Looking good! May I inquiry into what your pants are? I have trouble pairing my #8 Unlined Dovers with outfits, so I am curious as to how people sport them (beyond denim). -Mike [/quote] Mike These pants are jcrew 484 chinos. I use lily wear chinos with these or white denim.
Loving my new #8 unlined dovers from Leffot. This is after 6 wears [
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