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A Casual Day In the Lab
I work in a climate control lab, so I wear sweaters all year round. I actually took the jacket off and put it back on for the pic.
A hot humid day in Charlotte Tried my new Peterlee linen sports coat today. He did a good job at making it very comfortable and casual.
i would send that back and have it done right. That is just shotty QC before it was shipped. Looks a lot like the issues i had with them when I tried to have a jacket made.
A Casual Day in the Lab
I have a perfect condition 100 cotton blue seersucker shirt up for sale. My daughter put it in the wash and my slim fit shrunk to too tight. Shirt was made my LEE Baron and has trocas buttons with crows foot stitching. Asking 35.00shiped. Neck=15.5" Pit to Pit=21.5" Sleeve=24" from shoulder Length=28"
After the ladies at my part time job showed me how to make the flowers with a cutting machine we sell, I decided to add some larger flowers to the mix. I hope the larger size will work for those that have inquired about bigger size of flowers. I made up a batch in 4 colors to start and will add to the colors as requested. These are 1.5" in diameter and will have a button back, but i am working on a pin also, for those with out a lapel hole. these can also have the pearl...
I saw a few pics of these items on the web and thought that maybe there might be some others that would want to try one for themselves. The are beaded lapel hole decorations. They are made with 2 different end parts, so they can be worn either way. The one pictured is made with smaller 3mm beads, but they can be made with larger 4mm beads of almost any color I can get. I have enough supplies to make 2 more of the style pictured. I can also get chess pieces and owls. those...
Burnt Chocolate wool crepe tie, which is made with highly twisted English wool crepe, this tie is quite resistant to creases and forms a very satisfying knot with a four-in-hand. -3.5" x 57" -6-Fold -100% wool -Unlined -Hand rolled Edges Asking 70.00 shipped.
Up for sale are a couple Vanda Fine Clothing ties I am not getting any use of out of. The blue has been worn once and the brown has not been worn yet. I am putting the money towards a new pair of shell shoes that will get much more use. The ties will come in the original Vanda blue boxes. First is a blue tie made with a blend of English cashmere and silk, this tie has an incredibly light, soft and luxurious hand from the cashmere. The deep blue ground is made more...
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