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I hope he does listen. I have been trying to get in touch with him about a wallet for myself and a friends wallet that is still not done afte a year plus wait. I was one of his first customers and now I can not get a returned e-mail. He gives excuses like the e-mails not gong through and his girlfriend checking them. If that is the case he need a girlfriend tha knows how to help keep customers happy.
An Over Cast Rainy Day In Charlotte Trying a new bow tie today. Not sure about the diamond tips though. A butterfly seems to be a better choice.
Anyone here from Hughes lately. He has once again gone missing. He has such talent, it is just too bad his customer service seems to have gone down hill as he has gotten more well known.
Yes it was my choice. I am moving to a new lab and also moving higher up on the food chain again.
A cold and rainy day in Charlotte for my last day at my old job
I live in Charlotte, NC and have yet to see a pair in the wild. Mostly AE and cheap looking crap.
It is the non-zippered that I added snaps to the pockets to make them more secure.
Thanks for the kind words
It is the blue-grey 100% cotton material for 69.00 dollars. I wanted to error on the side of cheap for my first try.
Some more pics of my RL bag as requested.
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