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A cold and rainy day in Charlotte for my last day at my old job
I live in Charlotte, NC and have yet to see a pair in the wild. Mostly AE and cheap looking crap.
It is the non-zippered that I added snaps to the pockets to make them more secure.
Thanks for the kind words
It is the blue-grey 100% cotton material for 69.00 dollars. I wanted to error on the side of cheap for my first try.
Some more pics of my RL bag as requested.
A good Day for a Shawl Collar and A Bow Tie
Here area couple pics of a pair of pants I got recently
It is RL. I got it for a great price off the Macy website. I get more pics this week to put up.
Just got some new items to carry around all the day to day things needed for work and life.
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