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Some more pics of my RL bag as requested.
A good Day for a Shawl Collar and A Bow Tie
Here area couple pics of a pair of pants I got recently
It is RL. I got it for a great price off the Macy website. I get more pics this week to put up.
Just got some new items to carry around all the day to day things needed for work and life.
I have had many requests for a larger flower to add to my offerings, so I came up with this 1.25" crocheted flowers. The flowers have a pearl finish bead in the center to add a little touch of class to them. This design will be offered only with the button back. The buttons used are natural MOP. The new flower will be $11.00 in the CONUS and $12.50 out of the CONUS. For the first release they will come in the blue pictured, but i am working on more colors and a second...
Up for sale is a used Filson tote I have had for about a year. It is in excellent shape and is aging well. I added snaps to the outer pockets to keep them more secure and also added snaps to the upper side edges of the top to cinch in the bag and keep it slimmer and cleaner when it is not needed to be fully opened. There is one mar where the tag used to be. Asking 80.00 shipped in the CONUS.
Sounds good. Post some pics if you get a chance.
Glad to see you like them and they got to you in a timely manner. Sometimes out of the US they can be a little slow arriving.
The first is a Ring Jacket in 100% wool , which I got from one of our vendors, the second is a Ralph Lauren Denim Supply I got for a great price when it went on sale and the 3rd is a J.Crew cotton that I got a couple years back.
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