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Any chance that the sneakers can be ordered in a US size 6? Thanks.
It is the sleeves of the shirt are too long. It needs one more wash to shrink yo the proper length.
What last is the tanker on.do you have a 6 E. thanks
A Beautiful Fall Day And a Good Day for a Birthday Lunch
I got my second MTO today and wish I had Allison watch over the order, instead of making it through a store. They failed QC once and the pair I got in the post today should have failed also. I am hoping to get them redone properly. I just hope my shell MacNeils are made much better and in a more timely manner. 4 months to get a shoes that is inferior quality is not good.
Unfortunately they do not all pass QC the first round. That is why I am going on 4 months for my suede MacNeils. I hope my cordovan ones go much better.
Just checking to see if anyone has found the post about SF members getting the special order fee waived. I have not had any luck.
I did not know we where supposed to also get a discount. Can someone post the link so I can show my sale person. That means I should be getting a refund from my shell and the suede purchase.
I ordered a pair of Leeds and just confirmed an order for a MacNeil in drk brown shell. They cost $720.00 plus tax. If you need a sales person to help you ! pM me and I can give you my contacts number. She is great to deal with and everything can be done ver the phone
A quilted vest would be nice. Something in a cotton with a button front instead of a zipper. Do you have a price range they might be in. Thanks
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