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I do not blame Hughes for what customs may have done with the item, but i do 100% blame him for not returning e-mails and for not having his paperwork in place for shipping. If you are going to ship international as a business, then it is expected that you are also smart enough to make sure that you have all your paperwork up to snuff, so there should be no customs issues. I have ordered from Portland Street Leathers and not had the issue, and he shipped the same croc skin...
Yes I followed up with customs and the US post office to find out what happened. Got no thing from it. Also followed up with Hughes. He was no help, just said he would replace it and never heard back. That was over a year ago. He stopped responding to my e-mails.
A Beautiful Day In Charlotte
I did but it showed it being at customs and then dissapeared.
Let me know if it ever arrives. He supposedly sent mine to me and it never showed.
Weather finished is one thing, but when it looks like bleach was poured on spots that is another. We all have our own ideas of what is and is not tolerable.
Your pics are good, just they did not show the extent of the look I found when I opened mine up. I got the dark brown and it has parts that are faded to a dingy tan color. It was just a bit too much for my tastes. If I am spending that much I just want to be aged by me and not out of the package. I think it will date it too much. It is almost liking so many people buying those pre-distressed jeans and thinking they look good. I look forward to getting the Butteros in the...
I got my DB in the other day and went with my regular size of a 48 and can barely get a think sweater under it. I should have ordered the 50, but was afraid the shoulders would be too big. The jacket it very nice, but I think the distressed looked on the brown makes it look very cheap and kills the look for me. If only they made a version that was solid and not distressed. My wife who usually like the things I buy immediately said that it had to go back, since it looks so...
Wearing a New Lee Baron Jacket Today
The more I see the Indy boot in suede the more I want to add a pair to my rotation.
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