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You can get the butyl in a single sole. i am having a pair of MacNeils and a PTB done with the sole.
I like many realize that the issue is not the retailers at all. I have had nothing but excellent service and help from the ones I frequently use to get shoes. The problem is 100% Alden and their shit QA of products and their less than appropriate treatment of retailers. in my case they simply told Leffot that they forgot to make a shoe that we took weeks making sure would get made.
I do not think you can annoy them too much. I have been working with Theresa over the last few weeks and have had dozens of back and forth PM and e-mails to get a chino, a shirt and 2 light weight wool over coats done. Her customer service is amazing. I need to send another tonight or tomorrow to get some details to her about a chambray pair of shorts with side adjusters I want made.
I feel for you. My e-mail was to let me know Alden somehow missed making my size. What pissed me off is that we went through hoops to make sure Alden would make my size. Alden has shit customer service. If I just forgot to do something for one of my customers I would get field.
Casual Friday with Friends
Up for sale is a Harris tweed jacket I bought and was not quite right for me. Asking 55.00 shipped in the CONUS. Will ship out of the country for cost for destination. Pit to Pit=21" Shoulders=18" Sleeve=25.5" Waist=20" Length from top of collar=32"
I do not see why that would be an issue. Theresa is great about making sure details or noted and done to the customers request.
I am on that wait also, I hope 2014 for that one.
If that is the case, then it would not be a big deal. He just simply has not replied. He supposedly had my items done, but lost one in the post and the other was returned to him due to the paperwork being wrong. This was all almost 2 months ago now and no response.
I hope he does listen. I have been trying to get in touch with him about a wallet for myself and a friends wallet that is still not done afte a year plus wait. I was one of his first customers and now I can not get a returned e-mail. He gives excuses like the e-mails not gong through and his girlfriend checking them. If that is the case he need a girlfriend tha knows how to help keep customers happy.
New Posts  All Forums: