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My MTO Leeds today
LeatherSoul Tankers on there first day out.
I am right with you on that, the washed just makes it look shabby. A non-washed would be on the top of my list if they do them for next year.
A Cold and Rainy Day In Charlotte Loving this new BARK duffle coat. It is very warm and will be more than enough for the cold that comes to Charlotte
Up for sale is an unworn Scott & Charters wool knit cardigan made for Epaulet. It is the same style that sold out quickly at No Man Walks Alone also. Epaulet calls it the Hardie. I purchased it on their sale hoping it would work for me, but I am not sure it is going to work for me. It has leather covered buttons with mother of pearl support buttons on the rear, that are shown in the pics. I am asking $265.00 shipped in the CONUS and $285.00 shipped out of the CONUS. I am...
Not sure if anyone is interested,but I just had an e-mail from Ed at The Shoemart and they are putting in an order for a grant lasted #8 captoe boot on a double leather sole. I just need to call and give them my info so I can get the 6E I need. He said it would be 5-6 months before arrival, but that is not bad compared to the years I have waited for some.
I have kept in touch with Kathy and she said the boot would never get made. She said that if had took many people on the order to get made.
You are right about the shell. Supposedly there is no more.
Those should never had been shipped as first quality. I am amazed how much substandard stuff is coming out of the MTO program. Two of my shoes have had to be remade. One pair is on try #3. My McNeils look ok , but could have been better.
I sent a MTO back that had the same issue. They should line up properly.
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