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Just doing a round of closet cleaning to make room for new things to come. All prices are for shipping in the CONUS and I will ship out for the CONUS for 10-12 extra depending on the items purchased. Please feel free to IM with any questions. Luxire Steel Blue Chinos This is also a test pair and has not been worn. Asking $45.00shipped in the CONUS and $60.00 out of the CONUS Waist=16" Thigh=12" Knee=9" Angle=7.25" Inseam=28" Button Fly, Split Rear V-Waist, 3 Button...
Brown suede flex chukkas today
Leather Soul flex PTB today.
Up for sale are a pair of my Allen Edmond's dark brown shell MTO shoes. They are size 6EE. Since they do MTO order I am ordering both pairs in the EE and EEE I think will work better for me, so these need to go to put towards the new pairs. The Leeds have been worn 6-7 times. Both come with all packing from Allen Edmonds, which includes bags for each shoe. They have a double butyl soles with dovetail heels. They also have a split reverse welt. Asking $255.00 each shipped...
It's a double butyl sole
My MTO Leeds today
LeatherSoul Tankers on there first day out.
I am right with you on that, the washed just makes it look shabby. A non-washed would be on the top of my list if they do them for next year.
A Cold and Rainy Day In Charlotte Loving this new BARK duffle coat. It is very warm and will be more than enough for the cold that comes to Charlotte
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