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You should be fine with 10.
Carmina makes a wholecut chelsea? What is the model # please?
Wensum soles are great compromise between leather and dainite. Wensum are alsmost as thin as leather soles.
The same here, 335 last felt shorter than 325 last.
In case you missed the first post in this thread.http://www.styleforum.net/t/338047/skoaktiebolaget-carmina-bonaf-carlos-santos-saint-crispins-gaziano-girling-official-affiliate-thread#post_6167957
Where did you buy these? I wish I thought of this makeup during Carmina MTO offer.
Some really nice deals here.
Yeah I regret missing out on those too. Beautiful beige or light tan color and I think they are on 240 last.
For those colors I strongly recommend 82 last specially since you are a G width.
Carlos Santos
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