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Can it be a Dainite sole? Can someone PM me price?
Alt-Wien in Forest may be interesting? Any special leathers to go with this Steve? Scotch grain or LLama or some other grain?
Rain for me but I would not like victory soles, they are not good for winter or slush. Can we go with york or dainite.
Yes I might be interested in chukka if there is other kudu color.
I would suggest you wait until they need refurbishment and then send them to GG for recrafting and request topy. GG does topy like no other.
804 has a chiseled toe box? Are you sure? 804 is more almond like than chiseled.
What???? You still do not have a pair in Vintage Cherry?This is the shoe that started it all.
That is unfortunate. On the other hand, I am happy to own a collectors item now. I am really happy with 228 last. It is very rugged and roomy in the toe box. I am thinking about picking up a regular Snowdon too.In addition these Snowdon Zug model has triple soles, double leather plus commando rubber. It takes some time to break them in.
Yes and he takes better pictures than I do, that is why I referred to his pictures.
@Crat posted really nice pictures, go back several pages.
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