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Sadly those will be a half a size to bi for me,
What size do you take in Carmina Rain or Edward Green 202 last?
I think lama calf is not strong enough for norvegese chain. @Skoaktiebolaget can confirm this. I already inquired about this.
Yeah you should take the same size.
[[SPOILER]] Oh how I wish that 363 last would fit my feet.
Steel I think regular Epic shoe trees will do unless you want to splurge.
Are you sure that G width is medium? My understanding is that G is Wide in C&J spectrum
I am sorry my friend but the answer is no.
It is very difficult to say that, I would be doing disservice by guessing. Patience is the virtue, now is the time to be patient and wait until August, believe me it will be worth more than thousands of online advises.
You need six.
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