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Gentlemen I am proposing following GMTO, G&G Glencoe boot in tan kudu leather. So this boot in this color and leather Here are the specs Style: Gaziano & Girling Glencoe Last: GG06 Material: Tan kudu leather Sole: Dainite sole with storm welt Price ex VAT: 9600 SEK ex VAT Price inc VAT: 12000 SEK (for clients within the EU) Deposit: 50%, final payment before shipping. In the meantime if you are interested in this makeup or have any questions please PM...
Sadly I do not.
It could be shoe for Fall, but knowing EG it would probably delivered next fall. I would down for it.
Things are hitting up.
The price is absurdly low,
Glencoes looks awesome, my issue is that I already have Coniston in that scotch tan grain color, hence I am leaning toward kudu material.
That's not a bad option either.
Currently I am debating ordering Glencoe boot instead of Wells in Kudu. Kudu is indeed interesting material. I surprised how much G&G kudu is different than that of Carmina's Kudu.
;I am becoming fan too, but not in Rosewood. I have Alderely incoming in that color?Maybe next season we can convince Skoak to order Utah grain version of it.
Maybe, we will see how it goes.
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