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I never tried K last, My F last Vass shoes are size 44.5 Euro, can you offer some insights on how K last fits in respect to other Vass or brands shoes?
Listen to this man.
[[SPOILER]] Once again, thank you. I have my size now. The same size as Rain last.
[[SPOILER]] Shawn, this all was incredibly helpful. Thank you so much, if you do not mind a follow up question. How is instep on TMG compared to Rain. The same or higher or lower? How do laces close?
Guys, Can any of you comment on TMG last? How does it fit in respect to Carmina Rain or Detroit lasts? If you have GG 06 or E.G. 202 lasts and can compare them to TMG last that would be great too. Much obliged. PS those of you with NGT last are also welcome to chime in. Thanks in advance
I hate when something like this happen. Were they to narrow?
Yes risk indeed but in my case it was calculated risk as I have tried going down a half size and the shoes were too short while regular size was too long so F width gives a little bit of width and length. I am not the only one with this problem @Murlsquirl also has issue with 82 last.
You might want to try 82 last size 8 in F width, it may work for you. I had the same problem with 82/888 last, they were too long in my regular width and length, a half size down was too short but half a size down and up in width works for me.
I do think though that these were narrow width, because GG D width is US C width that is narrrow.
Correct it is GG06, DG06 does not exist. Nice catch, really nice catch.
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