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Guys, I have boots in those colors but they are in storage right now. Please keep in mind that suede is very tricky to photograph accurately.RogerP has nice shots of Polo Suede from Carmina so search his albums under his profile name.I am not sure if tobacco and fox are the same but I have tobacco chukka (through GF from few season back) and this color is very yellowish light kind of like mustard.I have polo suede boo from Skoak and polo suede is darker more redish sort of...
I think the gable would look great in espresso calf too as that is very dark brown color. Anyways black is cool too. I think someone has gable in black hatch grain.
I am trying to keep it simple this, how about this . I must admit that I am not interested in pearl grey color.
Fixed that for you
I see a silver lining in new EG policy. It should help those of us selling shoes on B&S forum On the other hand, this may be a time to start another G&G GMTO. I have feeling G&G will follow EG suit soon so might grab what and when we still can.
You mean you do not have one already
I kind of expected this. No matter, I will not stop buying from Skoaktiebolaget.
[[SPOILER]] It looks to be dark brown grain on Carmina's Oscar last.
They look amazing indeed. I sincerely hope that everyone got the sizing right. For me 335 last (non-shell boots) did not work. It is wide but shorter than my usual C&J size.
Has something changed. Last time I ordered stock pull Galway last year we only needed three orders in any width. Since Leaves is busy with the move, you guys should probably email Skoak to square this away.
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