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What a great price! How do these fit, I heard Uetam last is on narrow side.
Vass oxblood is a really great color, I am not sure if Bonafe has an equivalent color in its arsenal.
Shearling lining is only around the ankle so it should not impact the sizing. In general your should take the same size.
Guys, Those of you who ordered from The Tannery, have you received merchandise? Did anyone receive an email asking for the proof of address requirement?
Guys are those Saks shoes Robert sells on D or E width?
I could not fit in 363 last at all, I tried three different sizes. I wish that last is available in wide width.
I could not say no to pair of Finsbury.
[[SPOILER]] Full shearling or just around the ankle.
Indeed they might be on holidays. In addition please use pictures if appropriate with clear written communications.I asked Carmina to send me a full sock liner for my left shoe and Carmina sent me a leather insoles. I kid you not.It would be helpful if somebody could post a Spanish translation of shoe parts.
@DrizztD You answered your own question. Probably E.G. are not meant for your feet. I have the same problem. I tried different length, width sizes, full sockliners you name it. I manage to fit in two of E.G. lasts but even there the fit is not 100%.
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