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[[SPOILER]] Thanks, it's going to look great.
LOL, what exactly is FLAT Welt with Heel Nailed On?
Hey guys, Which of these museum colors is more red in the real life, claret museum or burgundy museum?
I am sorry to interrupt much deserved Carmina love affair but Bonafe promotion is nearing its end so I have some questions. @Leaves or @Skoaktiebolaget I would like to order this boot with slight modifications on 74945 last with 4 upper speek hooks and the plain toe instead of cap toe. Would that incur extra charges?
People should also know that colorful lining is only a rear part of the shoe so to speak including the sock liner. The forefoot is lined with the natural color?
Well I am not as eccentric as you are @grc1 but here you go I also have Isham in brown alpine grain with navy lining.
We will leave it to G&G to pick lining color.
No those have been discontinued.
@IGotId I tried on 2102b last. It has very high instep.
All right folks team Burnham has just picked up two more members so we are good to go. Here is the latest info Model : Burnham Last : MH 71 Width : Any width can be ordered. Soles : single oak bark leather soles Color : Deep burnished cedar. Price 10 000 SEK VAT excluded Shipping : Free of charge unless you want expedited shipping Delivery : 4 months Payment : 50% down deposit at the time of the order and 50% at delivery of the order. We are looking to place the 50% down...
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