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Thanks for checking, this could be a awesome makeup if they agree to do it.
This is a generous offer. How do you feel about me ordering two pair of boots and then returning the pair that does not fit?I could tell your my sizes in the most EG, C&J, G&G etc etc but this approach is not guaranteed. I would therefore order two pairs and then try them at home, keep the one that fits and return the one that does not. If this is OK with you, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
Tack! I learned this and Hey while I was in Sweden.
Well I am interested cap toe or no cap toe, but will they make it for us peasants as somebody on Facebook already commented, is the question?
It looks like C&J has made a "fully loaded" snowdon boot. From their facebook page"Snowdon. We developed a full ‘Bellows’ tongue to stop ice getting into the Derby boot through the facing tabs and not only have we fully lined the boots, but we have included, at Ross’s request, a ‘Shearling’ collar to stop ice getting in from the top of the boot."https://www.facebook.com/CrockettandJonesWhat do you guys think. Maybe we can ask for the same thing?
@arahat If we can get museum calf colors I would switch from chukka to either Austerity Brogue on F last or if Vass has a shoe similar to John Lobb Garnier plain toe on F last.
For your consideration a lightly worn pair of AS Exclusive Jodhpur boots model Alex, these were bought at Paul Stuart in NY but they were made by AS. I worn them only once for about a half a day. They are built on AS 724 last in E width which is AS narrow width. They are size 10.5 E UK. They fit like US 11 D. I am also including Saphir shoe trees they fit these boots very well. Maker : Alfred Sargent Last : 724 Width E Size : 10.5 UK Color : Espresso Shipping is $15.00...
Congratulation but I cannot help to notice you are 0 for 2 in these GMTO things:D
Do you have any pictures of Ilcea Parisian? I think that is light brown color.
I am interested but it could be at least 2-3 weeks before I can make a decision having said that I have a strong preferences for light tan color or what Bonafe calls Vitello Elise. I will try to take a picture of Vitello Elise swatch I have next to the other tan colors I have; Carmina tan and cordovan whiskey color so guys can see what it looks like.@Leaves if you guys could take a picture of Vitello Elise next to EG Acorn or GG Maple that would help us a lot. My...
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