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Millerighe, not as thin as wensum though.
I did not have hazel in my collection
You need Hazel too
Did you go full zug?
Forest and Oscar are very similar to C&J 325 last, in looks and fit. I take the same sizes in all three.Simpson last never worked for my feet.What size are those Audleys?
what last are these?
I was just about to announce this. The new last looks good to me but we need side by side comparison.
I will be able to answer that question with more certainty when I receive my Thorpes in F width as I went down a half a size but decreased a length of the shoers. Are you in the rush to buy those 10.5 F width GG?By the way I do have nice pair of Wigmores in your size for sale too.
I think at the same time VOAK Thorpe was done.
I am happy for you guys but our green racing hatch grain thorpe is late.
New Posts  All Forums: