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I am sorry my friend but the answer is no.
It is very difficult to say that, I would be doing disservice by guessing. Patience is the virtue, now is the time to be patient and wait until August, believe me it will be worth more than thousands of online advises.
You need six.
I would avoid buying unless you can try it on first. I am concerned that you take 9.5 in 341 CJ last. According to that you would need 10 in Nevis.
I take the same size in Chelsea boots and shoes on mh71 last.
Vintage Cedar
@Skoaktiebolaget are there any shipments from either Bonafe or G&G coming ups soon?
I would recommend 7.5 on 360 last. I found that last to be tight in the toe box.
Good looking color, no doubt. It is a shame they did not fit.
Yes these should be coming to us soon.
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