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[ [[SPOILER]] Speaking of which, did you sell these 10.5 E GG06 shoe trees?
I believe you, however in old days G&G offered natural lasted shoe trees too. It is possible that Leffot still has old stock shoe trees.These from Dandy Shoe care site are for example natural shoe trees made for specifically GG06 last.take a look at the bottom of the shoe tree and you will see marking for size, width and lastYou can see more herehttp://dandyshoecare.tumblr.com/post/121002168250/gaziano-girling-shoe-trees
I think that is correct. All new G&G shoe trees are essentially built on MH71 last and they can fit all other G&G lasts.Old shoe trees were last specific. For example the shoe trees I have for DG70 last would not fit MH71 lasted shoes. I know I have tried.
The old G&G shoe trees were last specific, for example shoe trees for last TG73 were made to fit that last. New G&G shoe trees are generic in the term that one shoe tree can fit any of G&G lasts.Here is the example of TG73 lasted shoe treesHere is another example of GG06 lasted shoe trees
Indeed, that has been my experience too. Museum calf leather is very thin compared to regular calf leather. I remember Ron Rider saying something like that museum calf feels almost like leather used for women shoes.I think John Lobb championed using of museum calf leather but is is unlikely Carmina will be using the same quality museum leather for their shoes.@DylanhI think you got the good deal on those.
I went with Hazel antique on my Falkirk and I agree the lighter the color the better. I think Falkirk would look good in Acorn color.
[ [[SPOILER]] @RogerPThese seem to be very close in color to Carmina Polo Suede which you already own.I think I have acumulated one pair too many in this "cedar" shade of color so I will probably have to put Carmina Polo Suede for sale.
You took F width too?
[[SPOILER]] I knew I could rely on your to provide pics Roger, thanks.I will not see my pair for while since my E width has not arrived yet.I appreciate it.
Special color = Deep Burnished Cedar.http://www.styleforum.net/t/236162/gaziano-girling-appreciation-shoe-appreciation-theard/14025#post_7646021
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