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Thank you very much.
You will have to try it to determine if you like calf or not.
Stefan,Many thanks for this. What about length wise, are they the same? If you could take a measurements of length I would be grateful.946 is not optimal fit for me, it is just a tad bit to short but if I go up a half a size it becomes to long. I have not had a bast of luck with Bonafe lasts.
I stand corrected, we just need one more for Bonafe wholecut Chelsea in bracken museum calf.
Well that is what @newyorker and I going for, 2102 last on Bracken museum but I am not sure about green elastic. Are you interested?PS there is no 2102b last, the b was typing error, just 2102
Would you be interested in something like this from Bonafe? If yes in what color?
The same size as Carmina Rain, Oscar, and Inca.I tried the Simpson last and it was too narrow for me.
I just got that model a couple of weeks ago. It's on my feet today.
I already have tan Burnham from G&G so I would not be interested in that color, I would like darker color. However there is light musuem color called bracken museum. I may be interested in that.What do you think?@Leaves are there any pictures of finished Bracken Musuem color?
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