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I have been wondering why there are so few buyers for 10.5-11 shoes?I have a several models for sale in my signature sizes 10.5 and 11.
That's very good explanation. Looking back now I would say that my heels feel more snug when wearing isham. but I think that is due to the thicker soles on isham.
I have both, what kind of difference are you talking about? Maybe I do not know where to look?Hove is on single leather soles while isham is on HAF soles so comparing these two would not be apple to apple comparison due to the different soles. In addition hove has a four eyelets while isham has five eyelets.I feel some difference in the vamp area but I think that is due to the soles and number of eyelets. I would not know how to describe this difference. It is different...
I do not recall even if I specified metal eyelets and hooks.I must admit that Thorpe is growing on me. If G&G can fins some exotic leather I would go for it. If all fails I might just get Thorpe in one of hatch leather colors.
But it's not Deco.
Yes it is.
LOL, I took a F width so they might be a little loose but I am sure that can be fixed with the thicker socks. I am keeping these kudu from G&G is unique, unlike other kudu I have seen for example from Carmina.
Great minds think alike
His site seems to be down, does he have an email?
It is a pity that you are selling these, ditto for the cherry St. James II, was it sizing?
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