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Yes and he takes better pictures than I do, that is why I referred to his pictures.
@Crat posted really nice pictures, go back several pages.
Guys once again I want to express my satisfaction with Snowdon Zug GMTO. Those of you who are on the fence whether or not to join the second run I say, do not hesitate if you want to enjoy this boot for upcoming winter.
In my experience, I take the same size in both last but 341 last is more narrow in the toe box.No you cannot get F width with the GMTO, all widths have to be the same.
Guys may I offer an advice to you organizing these GMTO? Open the gate and let first come first serve? This is what we did with Zug Snowdon project. It is ridicioulous to go around and beg people to submit payment for something they have agreed to purchase?
I am going to use neutral. I looked for matching colors but i could not find one.
I am culling my collection of duplicate colors. I only wore these for a day. You should take your usual UK size Maker : Carlos Santos Last : 160 Model : Chukka Width : medium width Size : 10 UK Soles : Dainite soles Color : Tobacco suede Shipping is $15.00 to CONUS International buyers please contact me for the shipping rates rates.
I received my pair of Zug Snowdon too. These are built like thanks and the soles are really thick. Maybe it is good thing to receive them in spring because it will take same time to break them in. I highly recommend this boot to anyone.
[[SPOILER]] Wonderful. Thank you for the pictures.
[[SPOILER]] Thanks Steve, in the future I would be interested in the plain toe boot, I do not know if that model is a part of the stock or special order.
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