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GMTO we did back in September.
What about Oscar CXL boots? Are they coming in this shipment?
I believe Skye is only made on 335 last and C&J is unwilling to change that. I am not sure if they would be willing to do cordovan on veldschoe construction. You should probably check with C&J directly.
It can be almost 50% since there are two different MTO options.Standard as described by dddrees is about MTO 1 option, MTO 2 options is twice as much. For example, Alderley is built on 202 last and if you want it on that last then MTO 1 fee applies but if you want Alderley on any other EG last than MTO 2 options applies.Here is detailed explanation. http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/pages/edward-green-made-to-order
Right size but wrong width. I saw many EG at Saks in NY but most of them were on D width.
What last and size on Cardiff?
@granjamo I do not have any 325 lasted shoes. I only have boots on this last.
I have been looking at that too and I want something blue but I have not determined what yet. It will most likely be a Dover. It is such irony I was not impressed with Dovers until I received my Brandy Willow. It looks good and 202 last fits me very well too.
Thanks, I appreciate it.
Farhad,you are right. I would have preferred a ridgeway soles with these but I will not complain.
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