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RKD, how tall are you if you don't mind me asking
I came across a pair of selvedge officer's chino. The waist is an inch or two, too big. Should I wear it for a while before getting the waist taken in or would y'all with experience recommend getting the waist slimmed before puttig serious wear in? Thanks
Do you still hate the pockets?
How's the stretch on the 10.8 oz officer chinos?
Do the rigid selvedge officer's field chinos stretch much? To be more specific, the 10.8 oz 92x60 weave version. I recently bought the non-selvedge version in Gurka and love the fit. So would everyone recommend sizing up, down, or TTS from my gurka pair? Thanks in advance!
Officer's field chino in Gurka is now $97, down from $130 yesterday.
You're really going to be carrying your gun around with an open trigger holster?
Nice, a random resurrection of a nearly seven year old thread. Well done, very nonchalant. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk 2
Anyone have pictures of the Bedford Chukka worn in? Thanks.
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